UI Components for Java ME

The true power of Java ME Low Level UI API 


Skin is feature which was developed in order to make easier the steps of setting up the colors, fonts and images of the components for a given application. In other words, it is a easy way to apply a given theme on the application.


  • Easy way to set up a theme on the application
  • Can be applied on all compoents available in the project
  • Remove style information (e.g. colors, fonts, images, etc.) from the application's logic

Main Methods

  • public void applyListSkin(List list)
  • public void applyGridSkin(Grid grid)
  • public void applyCheckBoxSkin(CheckBox checkBox)
  • public void applyDateFieldSkin(DateField dField)

Code Snippet

public void applyGridSkin(Grid grid) {
grid.setGradeColor(181, 189, 189);
grid.setColumnsHeaderFontColor(255, 255, 255);
grid.setColumnsHeaderColor(30, 96, 182);
grid.setOddLineColor(146, 185, 237);
grid.setEvenLineColor(255, 255, 255);