UI Components for Java ME

The true power of Java ME Low Level UI API 

Option Pane

Option Pane is alternative component to Alert from Java ME framework. It provides a faster set up of a message to be displayed. Because it uses a single call method, which all the necessary parameter are passed in at once.

A message can be categorized as INFO, WARNING and ERROR. For each type, a different image and color is shown in the screen. In additional, you can also create confirmation messages. Ideal for situations where the user's confirmation is necessary.


  • Different types of messages
  • Timer to close a message

Main Methods

  • public static final void showMessageDialog(String id, String title, String message, int type, int timeout, OptionPaneListener listener, Displayable nextScreen)
  • public static final void showConfirmationDialog(String id, String title,
    String message, OptionPaneListener listener, Displayable nextScreen)

Code Snippet

 "id1", "Info", "Info Message",
 OptionPane.INFO_MESSAGE, 5000, null, null);