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M-Stocks App

M-Stocks App is an application for accessing stock markets information on your mobile device (cell phone, smartphone, pocketPC, etc). Integrated with Yahoo! Finance, it supports most of the more important Stock Exchange Markets in the world, including BOVESPA, NASDAQ, DOW JONES, AMEX, etc.


  • Online quotes
  • World main financial markets support
  • Portfolio Management
  • Summary of the main world indexes
  • Rich User Interface
  • Safe, fast and easy to use
  • Uses the minimum of your network bandwidth (about 50 bytes per transaction)

Components Used

  • Screens: Form, Grid, List, DocList, ImageViewer and OptionPane
  • Controls: TextField, ComboBox, StringControl and ImageControl




To download M-Stocks App, access the website www.mstocksapp.com.