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Detail List

Detail List extends List, therefore it also has all the features inherited from its base class. The component's major feature is the support to multiple lines for a single item. Opposite to List, which supports only one. Each line, in turn, can also have its own image.


  • Support many detail lines in a single item

Main Methods

  • append(Object items, Image[] images)

Code Snippet

DetailList l = new DetailList("Phone Book");
Object[] items = new Object[3];
items[0] = "Jorge Adams";
items[1] = "+1-202-203-8765";
items[2] = "jorge@adams.com";
Image[] imgs = new Image[3];
imgs[0] = Image.createImage("person.jpg");
imgs[1] = Image.createImage("phone.jpg");
imgs[2] = Image.createImage("email.jpg");
l.append(items, imgs);