UI Components for Java ME

The true power of Java ME Low Level UI API 


Form is a screen that can contains a arbitrary number of controls from different kinds: Text Field, Multiline Text Field, Date Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Image Control, String Control, List Box, Combo Box and Spacer. The controls inside the Form can be editied. This component also supports vertical scroll bar when there are many controls added.

Another good feature of this component is the screen adapter. It enables to add into a Form any component that extends Screen. In other words, a screen can be used as a control.


  • Can contain a arbitrary mixture of controls (e.g. Text Field, Image Control, Check Box, etc)
  • Vertical Scroll bar
  • Screens can be used as controls through an adapter
  • Editable controls
  • Easy navigation

Main Methods

  • public void append(Control control)
  • public void append(Screen screen)

Code Snippet

Form f = new Form("Simple Form");
DateField df = new DateField("Date Field:", new Date());
CheckBox c1 = new CheckBox("Receive news");
TextField t1 = new TextField("Name:", "Java ME");