The LibPhys - FMDUL is one of the three groups of the new research unit LIBPhys (Laboratory for Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering and Radiation Physics) created in January of 2015.

LibPhys - FMDUL originates from the complementary know-how of three groups, to strength and to perform more efficiently the future R&D activities. 

At FMDUL the research unit that incorporates LibPhys was a former FCT unit of R&D (# 4062) the Biomedical and Oral Sciences Research Unit (UICOB) that already originated from a previously R&D unit, the Instituto de Tecnologia Biomédica (ITB) created in the early 1990’s. 

The main motivation for this merging is the optimization of the human and material resources, deepening the already existing synergies.

Incorporating LibPhys, the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Lisbon University (FMDUL) expects to maintain both the quantity and quality of the research developed by its investigators and to expand and consolidate a research network which includes several high profile new partners and funding opportunities. 
The group LibPhys - FMDUL is directed by a coordinator: 

1- Dental Biomaterials

2- Oral Biology and Biochemistry

3- Bone Physiology 

The scientific committee is composed by PhD investigators of UICOB.

Physically, LibPhys - FMDUL is located in the building of the FMDUL and the laboratories are divided in areas, mainly: 

A) BIOMAT (Biomaterials) 

B) GIBBO (Oral Biology and Biochemistry)

C) Oral Histomorphology.

LibPhys - FMDUL keeps a close partnership with the National Zootechnical Station in order to maintain the experimental animal surgery facility in small and medium size animals, mainly: rabbits, minipigs, pigs, sheets, dogs.

The administrative management is under the responsibility of the officials of the dental school as they have had for the last seventeen years   ample experience in dealing with the specificities of scientific funding from Portuguese, European and American institutions.