The Health Oriented Latino Association was established in 1981 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to provide a source of encouragement and assistance to students of Latino and non-Latino origins interested in achieving a career in the health sciences. 

Academic Activities 
  • Teaching Red Cross certified CPR and First Aid Classes
  • Conducting HOLA annual health fairs
  • Participating in community health fairs
  • Scheduling tours to medical, nursing, and dental schools
  • Providing MCAT, DAT, and N-CLEX Review courses
  • Developing volunteer programs at hospitals and medical clinics
  • Attending out of state conferences on health care issues
  • Interacting with health care guest speakers
  • Collaborating with other support organizations like the Urban Health Program, Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Program, Rafael Cintron Ortiz Latino Cultural Center and the Hispanic Center of Excellence
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