SFRC Forums Best Practices

Do Not List

Do List

When commenting in general…

DO NOT use texting language (u, ur, lol, etc). However, it does not have to be complete sentences either.

DO write as if you were sending a professional email because your professors and course coordinators will eventually read these responses. It may even be selected to appear on the presentation.

DO NOT write in all caps as this can be interpreted as shouting/yelling. This is considered unprofessional.

DO NOT reference a comment you wrote for a previous question and just write “See above.” We sort the comments by question and do not know what you are referring to.

DO copy and paste the specific comment from a previous question you are referencing or rewrite the comment. Add additional comments because copy and pasting will not suffice as an answer for both questions.

DO NOT write unprofessional comments with the sole purpose of “venting off steam” about a course, exam, and/or professor. Although the survey responses are anonymous, please respond as if your name was attached to your comment. Vague or rude comments are not productive and will not lead to positive change. Therefore, we encourage constructive criticism.

DO write professionally keeping in mind that these comments will be sent directly to the course coordinators. Writing comments in a professional manner has more power to facilitate change. It is important to be constructive in your comments and provide any insights to improve course, exams, and/or the professor.

DO NOT leave blanks in survey because you may or may not receive full credit for completing the survey. This is the chance you are willing to take by skipping questions.

DO complete the survey to the best of your ability by providing constructive, quality feedback.

When commenting about a course…

DO NOT simply state that you liked/disliked a course. Explain what you liked/disliked about the course. Explain your reasoning along with any solutions to improve the offering.

DO specify what you liked/disliked about a course (structure, organization, flow, etc.) and explain why you feel this way. Do provide constructive insights to improve the course.

DO NOT provide vague and ambiguous responses that offer minimal feedback. Be clear as to what part of the course to which you are referring, and elaborate on the topic.

DO think critically about what can be done to improve the course, and make constructive suggestions appropriately.

When commenting about lecturers or course coordinators…

DO NOT write, “I didn’t like how Dr. ______ presented his/her lectures.” This is not useful to the professor. Explain how the professor can improve your comprehension. Think about the organization, pace, and delivery of the lecture.

DO write, “I felt that Dr._______ could have helped improved my understanding of his/her lecture topics by providing more examples and elaboration on difficult concepts such as the [topic/lecture].”

DO NOT write, “I really liked Dr. ________ lectures.” While the professors appreciate positive feedback, they would be interested in knowing what specifically was helpful to you.

DO write, “I really liked Dr. _______ lectures because he/she included case examples to help relate the topic to a clinical setting and/or to practice.”

When commenting about recitations…

DO NOT write, “The recitations are very unorganized.”

Explain why you believe the recitations were unorganized and what the facilitators can do to correct this.

DO write, “The recitations could be effectively organized if there was better communication in terms of what to emphasize between the two different recitation facilitators.

When commenting about exams, quizzes, or assignments…

DO NOT write, “The exam/quiz was hard.”

The professors want to help you learn the material and be prepared for the exam. However, we are in pharmacy school and we recognize exams/quizzes are not often times easy. With that said, address your concerns and how the professors can help you prepare (e.g., supplemental handouts, more case studies, what will be emphasized on the exams/quizzes etc.)

DO write, “The exam/quiz was hard. I did not feel that the exam questions coincided with what was emphasized in lecture and/or tested the objectives. I did not feel adequately prepared. I would prefer if more case studies were shared for us to practice with.”

DO NOT write, “The exams/quizzes were really easy.”

The professors would be more interested to know if this was because you felt prepared after all the lectures and/or and recitations or if you felt it was not challenging.

DO write, “The exam/quizzes were fair because they emphasized what was taught in class, followed the objectives, and/or I understood the concepts really well.”

DO NOT write, “The assignments are irrelevant.” There is a purpose behind all the assignments. However, if you feel that the relevance does not directly come across then explain how to improve the assignment to emphasize the objectives.

DO write, “The assignments did not appear to emphasize what we are learning in class. It would be best if the assignments involved a more clinical aspect and/or practical.”



SFRC Forums FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of the SFRC Forum and how does affect me?

A: The purpose of the SFRC Forum is to give students the opportunity to share their thoughts/opinions and concerns about each course to the course coordinators. The course coordinators value the feedback they receive from students and they take these suggestions and comments into consideration to potentially implement changes in their courses to the benefit of students. The SFRC Forum affects you, as a student, by enabling you to have a voice in the way your courses and curriculum are structured and organized. Coordinators have implemented changes to their courses in the past based on students’ feedback.                                                               

Q: Where can I find the first and second surveys?

A: All surveys are available on Blackboard under your respective, “College of Pharmacy Class of 201X” Blackboard pages.

The first survey (free-response survey) will be posted by Friday, February 27th.

  • Deadline for completion: Monday, March 2nd at 5 pm

The second survey (polling survey) will be posted by Friday, March 6th.

  • Deadline for completion: Monday, March 9th at 5 pm

Completion of both surveys, the free response and polling survey, is mandatory to receive extra credit for courses offering them.

 Q: How long should my responses be?

A: We request that each of your responses be at least 3-4 sentences. Please try to be as clear and explain the reasoning behind some of your statements to help the professors understand and consider your viewpoint.                                                                               

Q: Are these surveys anonymous?

A: Your class council Vice President and SFRC Representative will be the only ones who will be able to see which students wrote which responses, and are required by the SFRC to keep that information confidential. Your course coordinators will be able to read submitted responses. However, they will not be able to see which students wrote which responses. Course coordinators will also be forwarded a list of which students participated in the survey so that extra credit points can be assigned appropriately.


Q: I really like/dislike a professor and I have a lot to say about him/her. What am I limited to saying?

A: Again, we request that all responses be clear and concise and professional and constructive. Try to provide constructive comments that you believe will help course coordinators understand what their students enjoy or need improvement in their courses. Keep in mind that some comments may be “handpicked” by SFRC members to be presented during the SFRC Forum. These will be shown anonymously.


Q: A course isn’t offering extra credit for completing the survey. Do I have to answer questions for that course?

A: It is mandatory that all questions for each course on the survey be answered. While some courses may not offer extra credit, the course coordinators, SFRC reps, and other faculty advisors value student feedback and we hope and request that students will respond regardless of extra credit opportunities.


Q: I really feel that I have nothing to say about a certain course. Do I still have to write something?

A: Consider the following: Were the lectures paced perfectly for you? Were the tests and quizzes not too easy, nor too challenging? Did everything fit the proverbial baby bear standards? Professors, lecturers, and course coordinators always value student feedback/input. They continually strive to implement students’ suggestions that come out of the SFRC forums. Though you may feel like you have nothing to say, we highly encourage you to elaborate on why you feel that way.

Q: I received an email from the Office of Academic Affairs about online course evaluations that are due by the end of the semester. Is this the same survey as the SFRC survey?

A: No. The Office of Academic Affairs commissions their survey at the end of each semester to evaluate the performance of professors and is a separate entity from the Student-Faculty Relations Committee surveys. The SFRC surveys are used to provide feedback to course coordinators on course management. This can potentially affect how a course is run based on the responses received and if a majority of the class feels a certain way. This is a positive way to lead to needed improvements for the remainder of the semester.


Q: When is the SFRC Forum?

A: The P1 SFRC Forum will be held during the lunch hour (12:30-1:20pm) on Tuesday, March 17th in Room 134-1 in Chicago, and Room E230 in Rockford. And yes, lunch will be provided! The agenda for the SFRC Forum will be made available closer to that date, so stay tuned!

A: The P2 SFRC Forum will be held during the lunch hour (12:30-1:20pm) on Thursday, March 19th in Room 134-1 in Chicago, and Room E218 in Rockford. And yes, lunch will be provided! The agenda for the SFRC Forum will be made available closer to that date, so stay tuned!

A: The P3 SFRC Forum will be held during the lunch hour (12:30-1:20pm) on Wednesday, March 18th in Room 134-1 in Chicago, and Room E210 in Rockford. And yes, lunch will be provided! The agenda for the SFRC Forum will be made available closer to that date, so stay tuned!


Q: What do I do if I have an organization meeting during the time of my scheduled SFRC Forum?

A: All organization meetings from Monday-Thursday of SFRC Week (March 16th – 19th) have been cancelled due to SFRC Forums. If any organization is found to have meetings during this time without the permission of the PSC Executive Committee, the organization, will not be allowed to apply for appropriations for the following semester.


Q: Will attendance be taken at the SFRC Forums?

A: No, attendance will not taken at the SFRC Forums. However, if you are a part of professional fraternities such as Kappa Psi or Phi Delta Chi then you may be eligible to receive points for attending. Please make sure to sign in on the respective sign in sheets to receive points.

·         Kappa Psi

o    Attending Dean’s Forum = 0.5 professional point

o    Attending your Class Forum = 0.5 professional point

·         Phi Delta Chi

o    Attending Dean’s Forum = 1 reward point

o    Attending your Class Forum = 1 reward point


Q: When is the Dean’s Forum?

A: The Dean’s Forum will be held during the lunch hour (12:30-1:20pm) on Monday, March 16th in Room 134-1 in Chicago, and Room E210, E218, E230 in Rockford. And yes, lunch will be provided!


Q: How can I ask the Dean a question? Is there a way to ask anonymously?

A: There are two ways to ask questions during the Dean’s Forum. Either you can ask your question in person at the Dean’s Forum or you can complete the anonymous google form that will be emailed to all the classes and posted on class Facebook pages on Monday, March 9th. This is one week prior to the Dean’s Forum on Monday, March 16th.

PSC Webmaster,
Feb 23, 2015, 6:23 PM
PSC Webmaster,
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