Changes made due to SFRC

Based on information shared at the Student-Faculty Relations Committee (SFRC) Forum, were any changes made to your course this semester or will you make changes in the future? 

Phar 331: No significant changes.

Phar 441: Use of clickers was inserted into one of the lecture exercises.

Phar 333: Will collect and include practicing questions.

Phar 352: Feedback was positive overall. No specific changes were made this year but will be considered in planning for next year.

Phar 402: Went green this year. Points were awarded for signing the syllabus agreement. There was no recitation week 4/optional review. Quizzes occurred on same day as recitation instead of the following week. Ensured recitation sequence followed lectures (except for JNC 8). Continued policy of dropping a quiz in return for completing evaluations. Trying to be more proactive in getting faculty to post slides in timely manner.

Phar 353: Will ensure lecture time does not spill into recitation time. Will consider electronic recitation assignment submission, and having more individual assignments.

Phar 405: We slightly adjusted the time for the exams and limited the number of cases, while increasing the number of the questions asked for each of the cases. This has provided mutual agreement between students and faculty.

Phar 406: Although there were minor negative comments about the group presentations, we did not make any changes this semester. However, we hope to tweak the process for next year as we continue to strive towards our goal of equal and valuable participation by all 10 students in the group.

Phar 445: I plan on changing my exams to in-class instead of take home. I also plan on incorporating additional quizzes.

Phar 332: No changes are anticipated.

Phyb 301 & 302: Added more detailed new objectives.

Phar 324: Will change some of the quiz question format (may help make grading less subjective). Will provide top drug list and drug card directions to students earlier than winter break (summer was suggested, but then I’ll require some to be completed in PHAR 352 if that is done). Will provide a template for Problem Solving so students have a better idea of what is needed (may only do for the first 2 or 3 sessions).

PSC Webmaster,
Oct 5, 2015, 6:53 PM