Health Fair Training |RSVP here  

COPD & Smoking Cessation Training 

Dr. Lori Wilken

Mon., Sept. 14th at 12:30pm in rm 134-1 

Blood Glucose & Diabetes Training 

Dr. Daphne Smith Marsh

Tue., Sept 15th at 4:30pm in 134-3

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Testing Training 

Dr. Marloew Djuric-Kachlic 

Wed., Sept 16th at 12:30 in rm 134-1 

CLIA Waiver Certification 

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (online training available):

Please complete online Bloodborne Pathogen training and bring completion certificate to the Blood Glucose Training on 9/15th.

P2s & P3s, please note that if you wish to participate in any of the CLIA Waived Tests (Blood Glucose or Blood Cholesterol tests); you will also need to complete an annual Bloodborne Pathogen Training. 

P1s, you will have Bloodborne Pathogen Training in the Spring 2015 semester.  You may still participate, volunteer and assist at Health Fairs; however you will not be able to do any of the blood testing (until after your Bloodborne Pathogen Training in IPPE).

Please complete the training and have a copy of your certificate to Dan Dicesare at 

If you are student organization leader planning a health fair that will include any CLIA Waived Tests please note the following:
You must have a faculty advisor, licensed pharmacist or preceptor attending your health fair event.

We are currently approved to only do Blood Glucose testing (and we expect Blood Cholesterol testing will be approved by the end of this semester).

We must notify the State two weeks in advance. So please send me the date, time, location and any sponsoring organizations for any upcoming Health Fairs that include CLIA waived tests.
Only students who have attended the training for the CLIA waived test may actually do the blood testing. Other students can assist and participate but can not administer the actual test.
If you have any questions, please email Dan Dicesare at