Health Professional Student Council (HPSC)

The HPSC is a student governing body that connects members from all of the health professions schools at UIC (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health, and Applied Science). 
As an executive board, we handle issues ranging from library hours to CampusCare decisions.

Travel Grants and Project Grants

  • HPSC awards students with monetary awards for students who are traveling to an event or for students who need help funding an event. 
  • One goal of HPSC is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration- meaning that we encourage students from different health professions schools to meet other students and learn about different fields.
  • Projects that qualify to receive funding from HPSC must be "collaborative", meaning that they are promoted and designed to encompass students from each health professions school.

Collaborative Healthcare Series (CHS)

  • Lastly, HPSC has designed this series with events geared to promote collaboration and allow students to learn about issues that impact us all as professionals. 
  • You are all encouraged to consider achieving the CHS designation, which is a great resume-building item, as well as an enriching learning experience.


Contact Us/ Follow Us

If you have any questions, please ask the COP HPSC representatives:
  • Vivian Liang 
  • Emily Kalusetsky

For updates like the HPSC Facebook Page by clicking on the image

You can also visit the HPSC website  for additional information