Reserving Space in the College of Pharmacy

To reserve a room, please fill out the room reservation form (found below) and email it to: 

General Policies for Room Usage:

  1. Classes always have first priority, so there is a possibility that a student/group could be bumped from using a classroom if a College of Pharmacy course needs the room.
  2. Please allow at least 48 hours for the processing of a room request.
  3. The small exam rooms in 2 North (Chicago Campus) may be reserved for individual times, but not for the whole semester.   The small exam rooms in 2 North are to be kept locked at all time, so anyone reserving one will need to go to Room 180A to have the room opened.  The person reserving the room is expected to lock it when s/he leaves.  
  4. Anyone using a classroom is expected to clean up after themselves.  No garbage of any kind should be left behind and furniture should be returned to its proper location!

Any specific questions can be directed to Cathy Ami or Lauren Corey.

PSC Webmaster,
Mar 8, 2015, 9:29 PM