Connect to UIC-WiFi
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From your Android device

UIC-WiFi uses WPA2 Enterprise security with 802.1x authentication, PEAP with MSCHAP v2.These instructions should help you to connect your Android (2.1 or higher) device to the campus wireless network. You need to be on campus to do this, near a UIC-WiFi access point. If you have trouble connecting to UIC-WiFi,please visit ACCCeSS Helpdesk.
  1. While you are on campus, near a UIC-WiFi access point, tap Menu then Wireless & networks.

2. Enable Wi-Fi by clicking box beside Wi-Fi, then tap 
    Wi-Fi Settings.
WiFi Settings

3. Tap to select the network UIC-WiFi. 

4. If you have not already established a credential storage         
password, your Android will prompt you to enter one. This password is local to your device and is similar to the keychain password on OS X. Otherwise enter your password for storing credentials.

5. For EAP method select PEAP.

6. For Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAP.

7. For Identity use your UIC netid. 
For Anonymous identity use Anonymous
For Wireless Password use your UIC Common Password
Tap Connect.

Identity and Password

8. Confirm: you are connected? If you are, it will say Connected underneath UIC-WiFi.

Confirm your work

Please note these instructions are written specifically to connect to UIC-WiFi. This has only been tested on a few devices. Other devices may appear slightly different from the screenshots shown. Please send a note to if you have any questions or further comments.

From your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Important note: iPod touch and iPad devices need an existing network connection to download and install the UIC-WiFi profile. You do not have to be connected to UIC-WiFi to download and install the profile, but you do have to be connected to the Internet. Please use another wireless connection (at home, coffee shop). 

If you are having trouble opening the file using Safari on your device, try downloading the file to your computer and send it to yourself as an email attachment. Open the message on your device using the Mail application and double-tap on the attached file to install the profile. If you have trouble connecting to UIC-WiFi, visit the ACCCeSS Helpdesk for assistance.

Existing profiles

If you already have a connection profile on your device for UIC-Wireless or for UIC-WiFi, please "forget" them before you install this new profile:

  • Settings > WiFi > UIC-Wireless > Forget this network
  • Settings > WiFi > UIC-WiFi > Forget this network

Install the UIC-WiFi profile

While you have an Internet connection, on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open Safari and browse to this page and click this UIC-WiFi configuration profile link. You will be prompted to install the configuration profile:

1. Tap the Install button. The profile is unsigned, but it is from the ACCC.

2. Enter your UIC netid as your username (example: adabyron)

3. Enter your ACCC common password as the password

4. Tap Done. Once the profile is installed, press the Home button and then tap the Settings icon

5. For best results, we recommend setting Wi-Fi to Off, and then back to On.

6. Select UIC-WiFi from the list of wireless networks. You should not be prompted to enter your password at this point.

7. You will be asked to accept a Certificate; tap Accept Certificate.
8. When connected, you should see a Wi-Fi icon on the top, beside the status icon.

Important note: ACCC wireless access points require your UIC netid and common password to authenticate. Beware of any access points prompting you for your password only (unaccompanied by your UIC netID).