Organization Fundraising

***Please read the NEW Food Sale Rules CAREFULLY!***
  1. No money can be exchanged for food when the food is present - this means that you will have to do a pre-sale for the items you would like to sell - the easiest way to do this would be to set up a google form and ask those who would like to order to place their order and pay electronically (however you would like). You can, additionally, take orders (and money) in person at COP (reserve a table as you normally would) before the day of the sale, and up until 2 hours before the food arrives (we will be strictly observing this rule - money exchange must stop before food arrives). We ask that you try to take orders and payment online before you set up a table and start collecting payments in person!
  2. All food must be delivered directly from vendors by a legitimate delivery service (whether that be by the restaurant's own delivery service or through another company's service (yes, they do exist and you may use them)) - the key is that students cannot pick up food themselves, or have someone else (who is not running a legitimate delivery service) deliver the food. This allows us to get around the issue of (our lack of) insurance and the legal exposure of transporting food.

There will be no warnings for rule violations - any organization that does not follow the rules will not be allowed to hold further food sales for the remainder of the year. Please make sure that you fully understand the rules we must follow to ensure that you can continue holding food sales in the future.

Normal rules for food sales still apply! (see below)

Please let Matt Holderly (PSC President) or Diana (PSC Treasurer) know if you have any questions!

These guidelines are to help organizations, especially the incoming P1 Class Council, and avoid overlapping and repetitive events

Food (aka Lunch) Sales
  • Only 1 (one) food sale may take place each day
  • The same food sale may not take place more than once a month regardless of the organization
  • An organization may not have a food sale more than once in a 2 week period
  • Hot food sales are limited to the hours of 11am-1:20pm

Bake Sales ***on hold until further notice***
  • Only 1 (one) bake sale may take place each day
  • An organization may not have a bake sale more than once in a 2 week period
  • Distribution of Donuts/Breakfast sales are considered a bake sale, therefore no other bake sale may be scheduled on that day
  • Try and limit bake sales to 2 per semester per organization
  • Bakes sales are limited to the hours of 8am-1:20pm

PSC no longer allows “patents” on major fundraisers

  • Check the calendar and verify that a table is available.
  • There are only 3 tables available per day
  • The table must be requested at least three school days in advance
  • If the date you are requesting is open, submit your request to:
  • Please be respectful of the tables by cleaning them off after use and placing them back in the storage area appropriately.