PSC Supplies

Healthfair supplies for rent/use

  • Bayer Blood Glucose Monitor (6 avail)
  • Bayer Blood Glucose Test Strips (check avail)
  • One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Test Strips (check avail)
  • Accu-check single-use disposable lancets (check avail)
  • Omni Blood Pressure Monitor (3 avail)
  • BMI machine (1 avail)
  • Gloves (S/M/L, non-latex )
  • Band-aids (box of 60/100)
  • Alcohol swabs (box of 60/100)
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer (check avail)
  • Tri-fold Poster Board (small size)
  • 4-Ply White Poster board (please specify size upon request)

Please fill out the Request form ~2 weeks before event

Please email if you have any questions or requests.