PSC Committees
Each Committee is headed by a non-PSC Executive Board member.
Each PSC Executive Board member serves as a supervisor to the committee head.  
PSC members can sign up for committees and view them here.

  • By Laws Committee
    • Works on improving PSC by-laws, managing how PSC functions
  • Professional Development
    • Work with Dr. Popovich to put on programming for students
    • Organization/logistics/promotion
  • Environmental Concerns
    • Responsible for keeping the Org Room in order
    • Project Utensils
    • Helps with logistics of events
  • Appropriations Committee
    • Reviews proposals for appropriations and funds from orgs
    • Fixed members - Exec committee and Class Presidents
  • SFRC Committee
    • Fixed members - Vice Presidents, SFRC Reps., and EPC Reps.
  • Rockford-Chicago Interrelations Committee
    • work on improving intercampus relationships
  • Spring Fling/Winter Formal - Rockford
    • Overall Organization of Winter Formal in Rockford
  • Spring Fling/Winter Formal - Chicago
    • Overall organization of Spring Fling Week in Chicago
    • Help out with Taste of COP
    • Oversee Student-Faculty Mixer, Mr and Ms COP
  • Student-Faculty Mixer
    • Organization/promotion of mixer event during Spring Fling week
  • Spring Fling Event TBA
    • Organization/promotion of event during Spring Fling Week