PSC Appropriations

Organizations may submit the “Request for Funding Form” for financial support of a particular project (download form below). 

Organizations shall submit their TYPED “Request for Funding Form” to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs by the following deadlines: Send completed forms to Travis Lester, via email (

  • FALL SEMESTER: 3pm, Friday, October 7th.  
  • SPRING SEMESTER: 3pm, Friday, March 3rd.

Please refer to the PSC Appropriations document and/or powerpoint attached below for more information. 
If you have any questions, please email the PSC Treasurer, Travis Lester at 


  • Events that promote the field of pharmacy
  • Events and projects that help expose the community and pharmacy as a whole
  • Events that help serve the community

 Awarded based on:

  • Amount of people being served
  • Probability and feasibility of event occurring
  • How project promotes the profession
  • Follows guidelines on the audience and size
  • How the project enhances the college’s image

Not Appropriate Appropriations

  • Food or Alcohol
  • Sales Tax
  • Fundraising activities
  • Items specific to your organization or for use by only organization members (e.g. customized pens, portfolios, shirts)
  • Office supplies for your organization
  • Any items that can be printed for free in the computer lab (Chicago campus for now has unlimited funding)
  • Organization Centered Events (all events must be open to all)
  • Travel/airfare to meetings, seminars dues or membership fees

Advice for Appropriation Proposals

  • Refer to the event grading system
  • The more students your proposal includes and the greater impact to the community, the higher the proposal will be ranked
  • Avoid over budgeting for your event
  • Stay away from wording that implies an organization centered event
  • Ask only for the thing you really need. We have some supplies already!


“A proposal for an event that is submitted to the Appropriation Committee does not imply the event or the organization will be funded. Please have alternative ways to obtain funding if necessary.”

PSC Webmaster,
Aug 25, 2017, 6:14 PM