Wishing you all the best of luck with your Spring 2018 semester! 

Frederick P. Siegel Innovative Teaching Award Fall 2016 

Frederick P. Siegel, PhD Innovative Teaching Award Recognizing faculty who have developed an innovative teaching style (originality, demonstrated significant impact on teaching effectiveness, student learning and/or retention, potential for widespread use within or across disciplines, potential for scalability).

Innovation in education involves 

  1. challenging students to think critically, communicate lucidly, and synthesize broadly in order to solve problems
  2. adopting a philosophy of evidence-based education; and 
  3. minimizing the use of the majority of classroom time for simple transmission of facts (AJPE 2009;73(8):Article 154).
Please click here to fill out the nomination form. 

Office of Development and Alumni Affairs 

UIC Pharmacist Magazine

Looking for student stories! Has your student org organized a community project? Have you or your classmates won awards or poster contests?  Induction ceremonies, upcoming events, etc. -- anything you want to share or promote send these stories and/or photos to Deb Fox at dfox4@uic.edu.

Nominate a Student Leader of the Month!

The Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Rho Chi and Phi Lambda Sigma are sponsoring a COP Student Leader of the Month Award. Each month COP students will have the opportunity to nominate a fellow student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty either in leadership or representing UIC COP. 

The student will be selected and announced at Pharmacy Student Council meetings and also highlighted in the OD&I Monthly Newsletter. Nomination forms will also be available online (below) as well as in the Office of Student Affairs. Forms are due by the 25th of each month.

Click here for the Online Nomination Form

Health Fair Training 

Please submit all November events for any Health Fairs that will be doing Blood Glucose Testing to Dan DiCesare atdicesare@uic.edu at least 10 days in advance.

Student Organizations needs to submit the following:

  • The name of your organization and organization you are partnering with at the event
  • A list of dates, times, and locations of your events, including street addresses
  •  The tests that will be performed (All tests performed must be classified as CLIA waived)

* (For now, only Blood Glucose Test is CLIA Waived)

If you have any other November events, please send them to Dan as well

PSC E-board 

Photo Submission to PSC Website 

Looking for photos to post to the UIC PSC website! Accepting any photos from organization events, org day, GBMs/EBMs, community/volunteer events, social events, Spring Fling week, fundraisers, marathons, etc. Some of the organization photos on the website are looking a bit old as well – couple years old really – so if any org would like to update those photos, please feel free to send those in as well.  

Please submit photos as JPEG or PNG to uic.psc.webmaster@gmail.com. Please DO NOT submit photos in a Word doc or pdf as that reduces the quality of the photos. If possible, but not mandatory, please include a description of the photo as well (not looking for an essay here, but you are more than welcome to submit one!).

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me at uic.psc.webmaster@gmail.com

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