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BTTE 2013 Student Documentaries and Stories

The videos on this page were created by students from the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene tribal communities during the second week of the Back To The Earth STEM education camp over the summer of 2013.  Small groups of students were given an iPad with photos and videos from the first week of camp and the iMovie video editor app.   As they learned about the interconnectedness of their watershed, each group created two videos.   

On days one and two of the camp, the students created a story that would help a younger sibling understand the concept of a watershed. 
On days three and four, the students outlined, researched, and created a presentation that highlighted a problem in their community and presented the solutions they proposed.   The videos were created to present their concerns and ideas to their tribal council and their community.

BTTE Watershed Stories
These videos were created by the students to tell a story that would help a younger sibling understand the concept of a watershed.


Mrs. Frog Finds a Watershed - the movie

Once upon a time at Tshimakain Creek...

Freddie Frogs Native American Adventure

Where the Water Flows

The Death Love Story

BTTE Student Presentation Videos
Students created these videos to present a problem affecting their communities and their solutions to these problems to their tribal council and communities.

The Midnite Mine Problem


Damming Ideas

Campaign To Stop Erosion

Water Quality

Building The Ladder