Below are some set of Frequently asked questions by some of you

My client implemented S4 Finance on HANA, They moved from Oracle to SAP, and the front end reports the client using FIORI apps. Few of custom FIORI apps were built by previous consultants through Web IDE.  I need to develop the same custom FIORI apps. Will you cover the SAP UI5, NW Gateway, Web IDE and Configuring app via Fiori launchpad etc.I'm looking something the apps can be designed and developed in UI5 and Web IDE, and have them deployed in FIORI app.

What is the difference between two courses.

1.  SAP UI5 & Fiori with NW Gateway 2.  Fiori Enhancements, Launchpad and WebIDE 3. ABAP on HANA

1.  SAP UI5 & Fiori with NW Gateway

This course covers the fundamentals for SAP Fiori and UI5 with OData, Which is bare minimum to get started with SAP Fiori. Below are the topics in nutshell covered in first course. HTML5, CSS, JS, JQ, DOM, Views, Controller, Custom Controller, Component JS, Router, Route Matched, Manifest, Formatters, Fragments, i18n, Models- json, xml, resource, custom controls, OData, Gmap integration etc.... If you are comfortable with all of above, Please opt directly for next course.

Sample Demos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHlpOZUKTDY&list=PLcxqFaocb9WIQJ-kptyPuiMSVWZVd2ff_

2.  Fiori Enhancements, Launchpad and WebIDE

The pre-requisite is the first course, Here we will discuss development of Fiori-like app using WebIDE and Gateway. Gateway architecture, roles, authorizations, catalog, groups, LPD designer, Theme designer, Configuration, Activating standard Fiori Apps, App extensions (standard), Analytical app using HANA CDS and KPI modeler etc. 

You can make a choice based on topics, Recommendation is to go on flow and "do not learn from trainers who teaches copy paste of code" on the name of training. I will cover every single concept writing every single line of code so you get depth of code.

3.  ABAP on HANA

The pre-requisite is ABAP programming knowledge with OOPS ABAP. We will cover HANA modeling, CDS Views, SQL Scripting, Procedures, AMDP, ADBC, Performance tuning and all new concepts required, At the end we will build Fiori app on top of these artifacts. We will build an end to end Open Item Analysis scenario on all the topics. 

Sample Demos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mghuE3BFPj8&list=PLcxqFaocb9WLtnq-rpXbRy5hnKECxr95G

Can I attend the live sessions and also get the access to all the sessions of the last similar course? 

No, At a time you can only attend either LIVE batch or take video based course. You can start learning using videos and join one of the LIVE class to clarify doubts.

Is there any difference in fee of LIVE training and Video based Training?

No, Both will cost same.

In your Course Content page (/coursecontent), you list HTML5, CSS, DOM, JS, JQuery, SAPUI5, Fiori, OOP ABAP, SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service and OData Operations. If I register for online live training, will you cover ALL these topics in 40 hours? Or is it 40 hours for each/subset of the topics?

 All the topic will be covered in 40 hours, Please check existing batch video recording screen shot on home page.

 I'd also like to confirm if Mr. Anubhav will be the trainer for SAPUI5/Fiori/oData for the next upcoming batch. I really like your simple explanation of the fundamentals before jumping into code. I also like the fact that you provide a valid reason and a good explanation for including certain statements/calls/references within the code.

 Yes, Mr. Anubhav will be the trainer. We are not a believer of copy pasting code like other trainers doing online.Trainer will write every single line of code at front of you.

How will the classes be conducted?

you will get calendar invite for the session every day 30 minutes before session starts, You can use link provided in request to join online classes. We will use go to meeting online meeting tool which is free for the classes.

I am based in Australia and due to time difference (Australia is 5 and a 1/2 hours ahead of India), the weekend or the weekday batches are not the best suited for me. Would you have other training timings too?

 Please proceed with video based learning. It will be self-paced course. Videos will be available 24X7.

All the material except videos like ppt, pdf, study material, docs, guides, projects and links, the access will be downloadable. You will have 8 months of access to the videos.

 My scenarios i wont be developing but rather administer, manage or troubleshoot any predefined apps in SAP as well FIORI access authorizations for users.  Does this course covers the Fiori admin aspect or mainly the development? 

We have SAP fiori Launchpad and WebIDE with extension course for this requirement. It is Fiori Constant training.

Can I attend couple of online classes or videos before paying the amount?

You can see many classes here on my channel to decide


I am preferring video tutorial than online course as it will be difficult for me to attend training from Jeddah on daily basis at morning 04:30am my time as i am in Dubai. So suppose if I will take online training, do I get the videos as well? ( because at least I can attend online training whenever I will get the chance but if I missed it out, when I will get the same day video)

Yes, If you take online training, You will daily get video of that class and all past classes (one by one session complete -> video is available). If you take video training, All videos you will get in one shot.

Is SAP server access is provided to practice contents covered in the videos? 

Not required to develop apps but required to develop oDATA. Eclipse and WebIDE installation covered in videos, Backend system will cost 1500 INR extra per month per user. For ABAP on HANA server access is taught during course. Here is also a video for "how to setup your ABAP on HANA server"


Is there an option for one to one training if the defined batching timing conflicts with my schedule? 

No 1:1 sessions available.

Also, if I were to go for the Video Based training, do you provide support in case I have a doubt or need clarification? and do you provide phone/skype/email support? What about server access for video based training?

You can always post your questions in blog, Check Discussion & blog post section

Also, you can block my time for weekends to clarify your doubts.


In what format will the videos be available to me?


Doesn’t matter since you can watch them online just like you tube.


Does the videos cover all the topics mentioned in your topics/course PDF document?


Yes, even more.


Are these videos recorded during your online training sessions?


Yes, hence they include Q&A as well.


Once you receive the payment when will I get to download the videos?


We will immediately allow you to access videos.


Mr. Anubhav is the trainer in all video recordings right? As the way he explain concepts ,it’s very clear and understandable.

Yes, Mr. Anubhav will be the trainer for all recordings, We learn concepts and write code line by line than copy pasting code from some other file.


Do you provide SAP server as well to practice


There is no server access needed to practice UI5 and Fiori, Server only needed to build OData services.

For OData Server access needed for only last 5 sessions that is on demand with 1500 per user per month.

What are the Prerequisites/ skills required to pursue this course. I dont have 
Background of Java/ ABAP.

No, Even collage passout can learn, All basics will be covered as part of course, Only for Service development ABAP is pre-requisite. OOPS ABAP will also be covered by us.

What are tools/ softwares which I should install on my machine.

Eclipse for UI development, Backend system for Odata development. All the installation will be covered in course.

Will there be any examples/assignments which will be given during the course
where Fiori will connect to existing SAP ECC system and build the scenarios.

yes many examples will be covered.

the training will on Eclipes, whether I have WEBIDE from SAP ONDEMAND.COM also,
so how much both this will differ in coding as our company is preferring to work on WEBIDE than Eclipes.

Our focus will be developing core entities of application like views,controllers, component.js, jsons, xmls, services, fragments, formatters etc. and also packaging these entities to work together. Now if we do that in eclipse or WEB IDE, it doesn't matter.

We will also show you how to use Web IDE towards end of our course.

What is the benefit of attending LIVE session then learning from Recording?

Only thing is you can clarify your doubts then and there in LIVE but people who join LIVE even watch recording later to re-call what was covered in session So double effort.

Do you provide on Job support after course?

No, But we will provide you consultant who helps with on job support.