"Ka Hui Waihona Kala"

Name: UHWO Accounting Club
Founded: 2000
School: University of Hawaii @ West Oahu
Purposes: Explore options in the accounting field
Interactions: Office tours, Professional interactions, fundraising, volunteering, and more!

The University of Hawaii at West Oahu has been teaching the people of the Leeward side since 1976. In 2000, the Accounting Club was created to give students of accounting at West Oahu a chance to network with peers and professionals, explore their options in the accounting field, and start their careers off on the right foot. 

Each year, the accounting club sends its members on office tours and professional interactions of the local accounting firms, holds fundraisers, and other events, and invite professionals in the field to be a guest speaker at our general meetings.

Through the accounting club, you'll meet lifelong friends, make professional contacts, and begin your journey in the accounting career.

The Accounting club at UHWO welcomes new, continuing, and alumni students.  

Our Fall 2016 Executives!
Left to Right: Cameron, Elliot, Kaila, Michael, Armando, Jackie, Jessica

President - Michael Cobb

Email -  Cobbm@hawaii.edu

Secretary - John Michael Dulay

Email - jdulay88@hawaii.edu

Publicity Chairperson - Jessica Szpara

Email - Jszpara@hawaii.edu

Vice President - Kaila Alvarez

Email - Kaa23@hawaii.edu

Website Coordinator - Jacqueline Ugalino

Email - Jeuu@hawaii.edu

Advisor - Dr. Frank Kudo

Email - Fkudo@hawaii.edu

Treasurer - Cameron Komatsu

Email- Komatsu8@Hawaii.edu

Executive Officer - Michelle Recaido

Email - recaidom@hawaii.edu