Prospective Members

How to Join:

1. Complete the membership application and risk release form.

2. $10.00 per member, per semester
    * Fee must be paid prior to attending any office tours

    * Cash and checks are accepted

    * Please make checks payable to: UHWO Accounting Club

3. Turn in application and membership dues to any officer or faculty adviser (Dr. Frank Kudo).

Current Members

Being Active:

Achieving active status is not a mandatory requirement while being in the accounting club. However, it is highly recommended to be an active member in the accounting club because of the many benefits including

* Being recognized at the end of the semester with an active status certificate and prizes

* Having the opportunities to interact, gain insights, and knowledge with peers and professionals in the accounting field.

In order to obtain active status, you must participate in the following events

* 2 Office tours

* 2 General meetings

* 2 Volunteer events

* 1 Fundraiser activity