*Please make sure that you are 100% available for any event before you sign up! Thank you~

Members, please note that your commitment to attending those professional interactions and office tours that you signed up for is extremely important.  Therefore before you sign up for a professional event, please make sure that you are 100% available on the day of the event.  After finalizing the sign-up sheet, we do have to send the name list to the professionals and believe it or not but they do keep track of the names on the list.  Thus if you signed up and then MIA on the day of, not only will you make our club and school look bad but ultimately your own professionalism.  So please double check your schedule before you sign up for a professional event.

Remember to check out all of the events that's listed on this page! ^.^

Current open position at 
Ikeda & Wong, CPA, Inc., 

They currently have a part-time 
Receptionist position available.
**NOTE** This is General Admin. work and NOT an Accounting Internship. However, this position may provide insight as to what working in an accounting firm might be like. 

~Link below for more information~

~Ikeda & Wong Website below~


~Job Opportunity~


Office of the City Auditor 
City and County of Honolulu

Minimum qualifications: bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, public administration
Click before for more details

Thank you all for a wonderful Semester, see you in the Fall ~

Office Tour Sign Ups ~now available~

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Upcoming event: Deloitte!

Please stay tune for more events to come. Feel free to email us at for any questions regarding events

Please look at Events for sign ups on office tours!

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