Course description:

The English Lab 1113 course is designed to complement the regular English class at a secondary school level. This is the last and most advanced level for the secondary school’s regular English student. The lab provides the atmosphere and space to complete the development of certain linguistic capabilities that prepare the student to face his or her last year of English at the secondary level without a complementary lab course. During one hour per week pupils will perform tasks enhancing their reading comprehension abilities, oral communication mastery, listening skills and vocabulary building. While doing so certain goals and objectives are expected:

  1. Identification and discussion of main ideas in literature.

  2. Define and talk about cause and effect relationships with very little effort.

  3. React using appropriate words and expressions according to the situation.

  4. Discuss real plans and other real life information.

  5. Listen, interpret and give opinions about recorded information.

  6. Watch visual presentations and be able to talk about, differentiate and critique the most important aspects including plot, characters, climax, main ideas, theme and other literary concepts.


    Monday - Wednesday - 
    Thursday: 12:00- 2:00 P.M. 

    Professor's schedule: