Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International

How to Join Our Chapter

Can I join?  Anyone who is a student in good standing at the University of Houston - Main Campus is eligible for membership in our organization. We are a co-ed Fraternity, meaning membership is open to all sexes. 
We have no GPA and no major requirements for membership. For details, see our Open Membership Policy
How do I join? It's easy! There are only four steps: 

1. First, become a Phi Alpha Delta International member:
        a. Submit the International Application online, leaving the "Induction Date" field blank.
        b. Pay one-time International Dues of $100 online after applying.

2. Then, become a University of Houston Pre-Law Chapter member:
        a. Pay Chapter Dues of $75  each semester at any one of our meetings (cash/check) or online (credit/debit).
                -- Dues for this semester are due on Thursday, September 29th. 
        b. Take the Oath at the Induction once: we hold inductions multiple times per semester. 
               -- Our first induction of the semester will be Thursday, September 29th at the end of the meeting.

If you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact us at You may also subscribe here to receive weekly updates from us via email.

How do I retain my membership?
To stay an active member of our chapter, all you need to do is pay your $75 chapter dues each semester! You can pay at anytime online (credit/debit) or at one of our meetings (cash/check).