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UHC IV  March 2, 2019!

Thank you all!

Thank you all for attending and making the third Ukulele Harmonic Convergence the best yet.  We had 138+ ukuleles playing, voices singing, and smiles all around.  We enjoyed every minute and can’t believe the 6 hours went by so quickly.  We have links to some photos submitted by Eric Max of Philadelphia, plus John Crawford, Hollie Mendenhall, and Steve Killough of Lancaster.  In addition to our performing groups, including Gettysburg’ Cool Hand Ukes for the first time, we had representatives from Scranton, Chestertown, MD, another group from Gettysburg, plus a few members of Sisters on the Fly.  And those were just the ones we talked to.  Clearly this little instrument has powers beyond it’s size. 


On to the Allegheny Soiree in April and the Funky Frets Fest in October.


Till next time,


Play on, brothers and sisters…

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