Ugly Duckling Dolls

a dolly spa.

Welcome to Ugly Ducklings!

My little spot on the web to show off a Spa for Blythes Ugly step sister Little Big Eyes, A.K.A. Designer Girls ( UK) , as well as my other One of A kind Art Dolls, and Plushies.

To view a specific doll please click on the n the picture.  You will see a detailed list of what has been done to the doll to the right of the doll. you may click  on the OOAK painted eyes for a close up ( hit  the back button to retunr to this page)

Please do not use my images elsewhere without permission. Check my copyright information at the bottom of the page.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any custom doll work you may be interested in having done. 

I am hoping to open a dolly spa for Blythe dolls in the near future please feel free to contact me for any information.

Noelle Hunt



Blythe Land

The spot to see my One of a Kind Custom Blythe dolls



WIcked Dollz: the Art& Imagination of Noelle Hunt

My site for original art.


                     LBE dolls customized

  ( Looking for my Custom BLYTHE dolls? look here: Blythe Land)

click on an image for a larger view

NEW  Malice in Wonderland 2  

  • custom face paint
  • 3 pair  Blythe eyechips
  • one pair hand painted OOAK eyechips
  • sewn synthetic weft
  • original sewn costume 
  • adopted (comission)


Malice in wonderland

The Mad Hatter

 Queen of Hearts




Ma Jolie Blonde (Commissioned) 

Sweet Carolyn

  • lock and loop mohair reroot
  • custom face paint
  •  Little Big Eyes eychips foiled
  • adopted




  •  original hair bobbed
  • 4 foiled Little big eyes eyechips
  • custom face paint
  • adopted



  • boil perm
  • foiled little big eyes eyechips
  • custom face paint
  • adopted





custom dime store dollies

 Stinker Bell

  • custom hand painted altered doll 
  • adopted 




Little Vood Doo Dolly

  • custom hand painted altered doll
  • adopted 




Of Souls

  • hand painted ceramic dolls
  • all circus performers
  • adopted


Soft sculpture dolls

classic sock monkey





  Strange Bed Fellows

 flower power wower