Grand Opening Special!

Grand Opening 


in effect :May 01/2007 - July 31/2007 



I have been working on custom Blythes for over a year now, mostly for myself, and would like to offer my services for anyone who needs them.


Because I am new at offering my services as a customizer, I am offering to do a mohair lock and loop re-root for the discounted price of 75$ + the cost of hair. This will be a limited time offer for a re-root at this price.


 I can also offer other services such as:

  • Sand matting: 10$
  • Chalk make up: 5-10$ depending on what is needed.
  • air brush make up 10-15$
  •  Natural lips in pencil sealed in acrylic or acrylic painted lips: 10$
  • Eyelash replacement :5$ + eyelashes
  • Eye chip replacement: 3$ per set + the cost of chips
  • sleep eyes 5$ ( or free with any work that requires the head to be opened)
  • eye boggling 8.00
  • Wefted saran or mohair :  40-50$ + the cost of weft.) 
  • Opening the head 5-10 $ depending on the type of doll


I have also done lock and loop on Little Big Eyes dolls as well so check out the link to my LBE custom site too if you would like to see more.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to contact me with any questions: