We're playing Sundays at 4pm at Intramural Fields #1 until further notice (Fall 2012)

All are welcome!! We provide all equipment and training. Just bring your enthusiasm!

    Toli,also known as kapucha toli, is a traditional Native American stickball game that has been played for at least 400 years. Most Native American cultures engaged in stickball games; toli is the Choctaw version. Historically, toli was used as a means of settling disputes between groups. These games often involved hundreds of people per team, were played on fields that were several miles long and lasted from sunrise to sunset.
    While toli is actively played by the Choctaw today, the UGA Flying Rats Toli Team is the only current non-Native American toli team in existence. We play several exhibition games against the Choctaw who live in central Mississippi every year. Additionally, we play exhibition games at other regional universities or give demos at festivals in order to increase awareness of this exciting traditional sport and its heritage