Ugarapul Language Group

This page considers Yuggera, Ugarapul, Yuggarapul, and Yuggarabul as synonymous.  This page does not represent the views of the contemporary descendants of the previously listed language groups.  The Ugarapul people were the original inhabitants of the Ipswich region, the Fassifern district to the south, and the Lockyer district to the west.  In terms of waterways this corresponds to the catchments of the Warrill and Reynolds Creeks, and the Teviot Brook.  They are part of a larger language group that included the Turrbal to the east.  Their desendants are the modern traditional owners of this region.  This page provides historical information from published sources with the goal of making this information accessible.  It also provides some links relevant to the modern tradtional owners.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources