Aggie's Arts



Aggie's Arts is a fundraising effort that benefits Christian missionaries & locals in Kampala, Uganda.  We purchase handmade crafts from impoverished women in Kampala at prices above what they would receive from other Ugandans.


The missionaries that began this outreach are Simon and Aggie Paech.  Uganda Journey, a ministry of Life’s Journey, supports Simon and Aggie.  Aggie’s Arts provides income for women who are in extreme poverty.  These women have struggled to provide basic needs for their families.  Many are refugees who have been forced out of their homeland by rebel warfare.  Some were previously breaking rocks by hand to make gravel for pennies a day.  Now Aggie, who is herself a native Ugandan, has taught them how to make beads and sell them.  This ministry has given these women a wonderful opportunity.  They have a great sense of accomplishment and pride for having made something beautiful, and being able to provide for their families.  Some of these women are interviewed here in this Youtube video:



Here in the US, we have a team of volunteers that works to sell these items.  100% of the profit is used to support ministry work of Uganda Journey.  All of this means that when you purchase an item from Aggie’s Arts, you are providing employment for an impoverished African woman, and supporting Christian missions in Africa.


If you are interested in purchasing or selling Aggie's Arts necklaces and bracelets, please contact us