Mission and Purpose

    We, the students of the University of Georgia, are passionate about respecting the environment and a sustainable campus. Home football games are notorious for producing huge amounts of waste, most of which is carelessly discarded throughout campus. Sadly, the vast majority of trashed items are plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, and huge amounts of cardboard.
Hundreds of thousands of fans flood Athens to cheer for the Dawgs. In the past, no system has existed for diverting these valuable items from the Athens-Clarke County landfill. All those thousands of pounds of cans and bottles will go to the landfill...
...Unless we have something to say about it. The Ecology Club, supported by the Odum School of Ecology, has begun a large-scale recycling movement. Now in our third year, we are not only attempting to divert waste from the landfill, but we also aim to change the culture at the University; we, as a student organization, are dedicated to making the University more sustainable. With that in mind, we have two goals:

    We hope to mitigate the enormous gameday waste stream by launching a massive recycling effort. Our goal is simple: Landfill diversion. We try to provide as many tailgaters as possible with the option of recycling.

    Because students' time at the University is limited, it is impossible for such a large-scale effort to be sustained
indefinitely. We hope to reveal to the University and the Athletic Association the benefits of a long-term game day recycling program as well as instigate and facilitate such dialogue between the right entities.

We are grateful for support from the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division,
the UGA Physical Plant, and the UGA Athletic Association.

Every game day, volunteers are needed to distribute recycling bags, educate tailgaters, and collect at the gates. These take place during different times every game. For more information about volunteering, see the Volunteer Info page.

The more volunteers, the more collected. The time commitment is low, the group is fun, and the benefits are obvious! Come help us! Click on the sidebar links for specific event details.
Please direct any questions or comments to gamedayrecycling@gmail.com.
Peace and Sustainability,

The Students of the University of Georgia
The Ecology Club
The Go Green Alliance
Gameday Recycling