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A new season!

Gameday Recyclers-

We won.  (Maybe).  We've been promised that UGA's new game day waste contract includes paired recycling bins next to every trash can.

We still have a role, though.  Gameday Recycling will still meet every morning during tailgating and pass out bags to tailgaters, collect recyclables at the gates, and educate fans.  Join us!  Also, if you see a trash can without a paired recycling bin on campus during game days, let us know by emailing us at


The fruits of our labor!  Finally, in 2011.

EPA Game Day Challenge

Hey recyclers!  The EPA challenged us (and the rest of collegiate America) to reduce our waste as much as possible during this football season.  We got to pick one game (vs. Vanderbilt, October 16th) to show off our recycling efforts and compete against other schools.

Y'all were GREAT!  We recycled 2.59 TONS.  Thanks!

Check out the EPA's description of the event here

Volunteer With Us

Our program is entirely volunteer-based. You can help us by volunteering (see our Volunteer Information page to learn how to get involved) or donating supplies to our program. Contact if you are interested in donating supplies.

Who We Are

We, the students of the University of Georgia, are passionate about reducing our impact and caring for our environment. Last year, frustrated by the inadequate and unacceptable recycling program implemented by the Athletic Association, we set out on our own to do the right thing. Thus the Gameday Recycling program was born!

Initiated and directed by the Ecology Club and supported by more than twenty student and community organizations, we are committed to landfill diversion, environmental education, community service, and ultimately to facilitating the creation of a long-term, University-supported game day recycling program.

Read more about our Mission and Purpose

Choose a Recyclable!

Gameday Recycling

Page kept by UGA Gameday Recycling:


2011 Impact

Help us make the 2011 season the most sustainable yet!

September 10: We recycled 5.5 TONS (out of a total of 30 tons of waste)!

Previous Seasons

2010 : 14,760+ lbs (7.38+ tons)* collected

* tonnages for one game were never received, so this was the tonnage without that game.

2009 : 15,000+ lbs (7.5+ tons)* collected

* tonnages for the last three games were never received, so this was the tonnage for only 3 games!

2008 :
10,200 lbs. (5.1 tons) collected

Recent Media Coverage

Red and Black discusses the EPA's Game Day Challenge:
"Lentini said the best way for people to participate in the challenge is simply to bring less to their tailgates."

Red and Black discusses tailgating rules, recycling
"Board member Rebecca Risser said she thinks the trash problem won’t vanish so much as it will migrate."

WGAU Radio Coverage with Tim Bryant

"It might be the alcohol consumption..."
Find Sept. 24 in the index, we're up first in the podcast.
WGAU Sept. 24, 2009

Red and Black "more pissed students" coverage
"I feel like there's a lot of people who are for recycling," said Smith, a senior from Charlotte, N.C. "But there's a lot of people who are lazy. So we are trying to make it as convenient and accessible as possible for these people. So we'll do all the hard work, but they'll still feel good about it."

Red and Black Sept. 25, 2009

Red and Black "pissed President + students" week coverage
"If you're going to haul in all of this stuff for a pre-game, why not add a recyclable bag or two to go with it?" [Pres. Adams] said."

Red and Black Sept. 18, 2009

Flagpole's still got our back! Thanks Ben Emanuel!
"'s too bad the UGA Athletic Association has had to be shamed into providing recycling opportunities by the student volunteers who started the Gameday Recycling program on fall Saturdays, but hey: whatever works." - pg. 5
Flagpole Sept. 2, 2009

Wow! AJC article!
“The volume of waste produced on game day is unimaginable..."
AJC Nov. 28, 2008

New and improved Flagpole coverage! Thanks to Jeff Gore for a great article!

Now that change is coming from the bottom up, we can make some big changes."
Flagpole Dec. 3, 2008

More Athens-Banner Herald coverage!
"The students' greatest long-run impact may be in making fans more willing to support recycling..."
ABH Nov. 29, 2008

Check out our front-page UGA coverage! Thanks to Anisa Jimenez for all her support.

"We have a commitment to sustainability and recycling is just the first step."

UGA News, 2008

Check out our front-page ABH coverage! Thanks to Lee Shearer!

"We are trying to change the culture to make the university more sustainable... We're just a pilot program. Our ultimate goal is to get the university to pick up what we're doing and make it mandatory. It's just a matter of the athletic association doing something."
Athens Banner-Herald Article, 2008

Check out our radio coverage! Thanks to Tim Bryant at WGAU 1340am!
"...the ultimate goal here is to get more University should be remembered that this is student started, initiated, and completely student-run, this is just us... [and] the ACC-Recycling Division." (Starts at around 16:30 minutes, approx. 8 minutes)

WGAU podcast, 2008

Check out our R&B coverage! Thanks to Carey O'Neil!
"...but we're going to collect as much as we can or we're gonna go down trying."
Red and Black Article, 2008

Check out our Flagpole coverage! Thanks to Ben Emanuel for his shout out!
"’s a quick shout-out to the kids in the UGA Ecology Club, who have taken on the mantle of the hands-on (and hands-dirty) work of keeping all those gameday beer cans and water bottles - all kinds of recyclables - from going to the landfill... it’s good to see volunteers stepping up to keep that program moving. Now that’s helping Athens recycle."
Flagpole shout out, 2008