Purpose of Conference

The purpose of this conference is for Masters, Doctoral, and Law students to share their research to a receptive audience made up of scholars from a variety of disciplines and universities. All academic fields are welcome and encouraged to participate including and not limited to:

Education, Social Work, Sports Medicine, Chemistry, Film, Forestry, History, Economics, Biology, International Affairs, Religion, Speech Communication, Computer Science, Business,  Art, Journalism, Law, Public Administration, Physics, Philosophy, Dance, Physical Education, Music, Animal Science, Political Science, English, Child and Family Development, Finance, Foreign Language, Literature, Geography, Landscape Architecture, Ecology, Public Health, Marketing, Sociology

Health and the Disciplines
  • How are the issues surrounding health and disease manifested in your discipline, materially, metaphorically, or rhetorically?
  • How do the interactions and conditions of local and global systems affect the study of your field?
  • How are such interactions evaluated, analyzed, and predicted?
  • What solutions and insights has your discipline developed for addressing these issues and creating vitality in your field?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of GSA's Interdisciplinary Conference, held on the University of Georgia's campus in Athens, GA.  For this year's conference, the Graduate Student Association invites creative responses to and a broad array of interpretations of the conference theme: Health and the Disciplines.

Due to the growing national discussion about health, disease, insurance, health care, the environment, and the economy we are looking for scholars' research seeking to analyze, evaluate, and describe the intricate interactions among subjects in their disciplines. For example, participators could analyze the condition of: individuals, societies, organizations, families, business, nations, governments, religions, the world, the climate, the environment, communication, literature, as well as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health of individuals, societies, and systems.

We encourage you to explore the website for more information about the conference. If you have any other questions feel free to email us at ugaconference@gmail.com.