SECME 2014

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SECME Coordinator: David Mercado

SECME Logistics
I have recently updated the schedule, and have put it on the website's homepage. Take note of one major change, which is the addition of a separate lunch period after the last event of the day, but before the closing ceremony. This will give everyone a chance to eat lunch without having to worry about missing their events, and will give us a chance to make sure we grade everything thoroughly and correctly. However, this means that the closing ceremony will end about 30 minutes later than anticipated.

SECME 2014 Schedule + Locations

I would recommend that you park in the O'Connell Center parking lot, which is on the corner of Gale Lemerand Drive and University Ave, which is the closest parking lot to the Florida Gym, where registration and most of our events will be held.

I have uploaded a map of all the event locations on the SECME website. I will summarize the event locations here:

-Registration: Outside on the east side of the Florida Gym (FLG) near the side entrance. There will be signs in front of FLG which will point you in the right direction.
-Elementary Opening and Closing Ceremony: FLG gymnasium. 
-Middle/High Opening and Closing Ceremony: Weil 270
-Lunch: Gate 16 of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
-Mousetrap Cars: FLG gymnasium
-Egg Drop: Gate 16 of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
-Water Bottle Rockets: North Lawn (in front of the Reitz Union)
-Cerebral Challenge: Weil 270
-Surprise Design: FLG 2nd floor classroom (to be determined)
-Math Test: FLG 2nd floor classroom (to be determined)


Registration will occur before all events have started. This is when your students will submit all of their projects and sign in. Registration will be held outside on the east side of the Florida Gym near the side entrance. 

There will be several tables of volunteers with their laptops. They all have access to a spreadsheet with the information you provided in the student registration form. All students will line-up at these tables, and when they reach the front, they will give their name to one of the volunteers. The volunteer will find their name on the spreadsheet, cross them off the list, and give the student a wrist band with an ID code, which is based on their group (Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Elementary 3, or Middle/High School), their school, and their team. 

The student will also give the volunteers their projects for mousetrap car, egg drop, and water bottle rockets.  Each project will be sent to the proper event location, so we ask that you please mark your projects clearly, and make sure they are all contained and organized to make sure they do not get lost. Put the name of the event, your name, grade level, team name, and school name on the container for each project. 

Mousetrap Cars for Sale!
The instructions for building the mousetrap cars from the kits can be found on the left-hand sidebar under "Events", then under "Mousetrap Car". Scroll to the bottom of the "Mousetrap Car" page, and you will find the attachment for the instructions.

We are selling mousetrap car kits to all interested teachers, parents, and students. They include everything you need to build a mousetrap car except for CD's for the wheels, and material to increase the traction of the wheels. We are selling these for $5 each. I can deliver them personally, just let me know how many you would like! Here's a list of what's included and what you need:

Wood Chassis (0.25"x2.5"x12")
Front Wheels (small)
CD Adapters (recycle old CD's as wheels)
Metal Axle (0.125"x2.5")
Wood Axle (0.25"x3.5")
Screw Eyes
Mouse Trap
Mono-filament Line (Fishing Line)
Brad - Small Nail
Instruction Sheet

Low Temp Hot Glue Gun and Blue
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Screw Driver

SECME on April 5th!
SECME will officially be held on Saturday, April 5th.

Get ready for SECME 2014! 
Several useful resources have been posted at the bottom of this page under "Attachments":
  • Regional Rules Manual
  • School Registration Form
  • Student Registration Form
In addition, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find the school registration form and the student registration form.  If you have not submitted the school registration form, which was due on Friday, December 16th, please submit this form ASAP. The student registration form is due on Friday, February 3rd. Both forms can also be found in the left-hand sidebar under "Registration". All schools who have been registered will soon be put into a spreadsheet on the Registration page.

All of the resources you will ever need can also be found under the link "Useful Documents", which is found in the left-hand sidebar.

Also, check out the SECME 2012 calendar below, which includes all of the deadlines for various documents and projects. The calendar can also be found in the left-hand sidebar

SECME 2012

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