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Everyday people have encounters with the unknown.  It is estimated, based upon Worldwide reports that over 250 million people across the globe have had encounters of one type or another with unidentified craft in the skies or what they describe as Alien beings.  The history of mankind as far back as we have anything written shows images of these beings and encodes such stories in both myth and religious lore.  Yet, our Government continues to deny the truth of their existence.

One of the oldest known cultures on Earth(Babylon), that gave rise to Civilization as we know it, was, according to their own history founded by a visit of what they call God's come down from the sky above.  From American Indian tales to the remote jungles of the World such tales exist.  They have existed from before 4000 BC and they continue on today in report after report.

Even for those of us of the Christian faith there are stories out of the Bible that seem to describe strange craft and arrival of Messengers of God.  From the Great War in Heaven accounts to Ezekiel's tale of the Wheel within a Wheel all of this is pointing to the fact we are not alone.

Many of these Beings, from what many describe as the Grey's to what appear to be Beings more like ourselves or some kind of Hybred show up in many of these accounts across the globe and across time itself.  In fact, if much of these stories are to be believed we ourselves may well be children of these Sky Gods.  

Not too many years ago there was the whole Mothman tale out of the sleepy region of West Virginia that seems to echo some of the American Indian stories of the Thunderbird.  Along with this came the usual side story of encounters with what most call the Men in Black.

If you have ever had any interest in this subject I can recommend to you a few good books on the subject that I have Authored.

The Historical and Modern case for the UFO
Angels and Demons: Messengers of Light and Darkness
Incident at Chanute Complete Edition End of Times Website

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