Officers/Administrative Contacts

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President:      Iqbal Mahmud, 352-213-1778, 

President EmeritusLarry Schwandes 352-372-8147

Vice President:      Lea Hale, 352-372-7749,

Chinese Liaison:    Xiao Miao Li, 352-336-5403,

Treasurer:             Susan Vince, 375-5640,

Secretary:             Xiao Miao Li, 352-336-5403,
Plot Coordinator:    (in charge of member sign-up):
                             Ginny Campbell, 378-6103,
    Assistant:          Beverly Pope, 352-377-7138,
Tool Manager:       Sam (Qingwen Han), 571-435-3387
Equipment Mgr:       Greg Young, 375-7348,

    Assistant:            Darren Tretter, 352-678-7224,
Greenhouse Mgr:     Troy Auffenberg, 336-4471,
Compost Manager:   Kitty Williams, 379-3337,

    Assistants:           Wissam Deeb, 774-242-9249,
                                Allison Goins, 770-655-5355,
Coffee Grounds & Lemon Rinds Coordinator:
                              Jane Fowler 210-413-6145
Herb Garden Mgr:       Penny Reynolds, 804-516-0862
Bee Hive Manager:    Susan Harris, (352) 374-4372

        Assistant:          Hunter Burch

Fruit Crops Manager:        Lucy Skelley, 373-2972,

       Assistants:            Galyna and Anatoly Vakulenko, 352-328-1807,
Hoses and Faucets:   Joanne Untalan, (404) 567-6539
       Assistant:          Venkatesh Nonabur, 352-318-8527,

Seed Purchasers:      Troy Auffenberg, 336-4471
                                Susan Vince, 375-5640,

Safety Officer:          Wayne Allick, 305-926-7871,

Webmaster:              David Turull,


To inquire about plot availability, e-mail our garden plot coordinator Ginny Campbell at, or call her at (352) 378-6103.