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Planting Potatoes

    Potatoes can be successfully planted in this area as a Spring crop and should be planted in the ground early to mid February depending on weather conditions.  Delay planting if the ground is saturated with water to discourage rotting.



1.  The co-op is providing certified seed potatoes. Potatoes from the grocery store may carry harmful diseases that will limit your yield.

2. Cut the potatoes into parts about the size of an egg, with at least one bud, called an “eye”, on each part.

3. Allow the cut pieces to “heal-over” for a couple of days prior to planting. To heal the cuts, leave the pieces in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place for one or two days. (If you wait longer than this, the pieces might mold.)

4. Potatoes do not tolerate flooded conditions, so hill the row into a mound to facilitate drainage. Mounded rows should be at least 36 inches apart.

5. Space the plants about 8-12 inches apart. Place the potato pieces about 4 inches below the soil surface with the cut side down and the eyes (or sprouts) facing up.

6. Be patient! It may take 2 weeks before plants begin to emerge from the soil.

7. Later in the season watch for the appearance of any potatoes at the ground surface, and cover with extra soil immediately to prevent damage from the sun.

8. Potatoes are ready for harvest between 80 to 115 days after planting. You can wait until the plant dies before harvesting all the potatoes from each plant, or you can start harvesting earlier by carefully digging and removing potatoes from the root system of the plant.