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That's right, the "new" Firefox has been released! Go download it now - you'll be in for many great features. This website will still be here for the Firefox 3 Release!

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For anyone (like me) that doesn't like how the Firefox 2.0 user interface looks, you can try the theme Winestripewhich makes the UI just like 1.5! This is a highly recommended theme for people who want to switch back to 1.5 because of the new 'look'. You can also try No Tab Close Button, to get rid of the "X" on each tab (I actually like the "X" on each tab...) +++ THE SITE IS NOW LOCATED ATPOWERFIREFOX.CO.NR


Thispage was getting kind of crowded so I'm setting up a wordpress blog (LINK ABOVE) which will have some of the stuff I just posted here that isn't really "news". IE. List of my favorite addons

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Google Page Creator hasn't let me update this page in a while, sorry about not updating but finally I'm back on. I've put together a list of my recommended addons. Mozilla may have a list of addons but I feel that some of them aren't really that good. NUMBER 5 (dl link)- FoxyTunes, great extension for smooth music playing though your favorite browser. NUMBER 4 (dl link)- NoScript, firefox is safer with NoScript - use this extension for a safer browsing experience! NUMBER 3 (dl link)- FireFTP, a small FTP client for Firefox features a great UI plus the ability to transfer files while browsing is perfect. NUMBER 2 (dl link)- IETab, windows user - want to update though Firefox ~ view ie only pages ~ test your page in IE... NUMBER 1 (dl link)- AdBlock Plus, this is by far the best adblocker for Firefox - inprovments from regular adblock are not having to use Fliterset.G updater + better adblocking!


We're MOVING! - Check back here to see out new web address. My new website will be based on firefox in general, not just the 2.0 release. In Other News... A new Windows Live(tm) Search box has been added, enjoy!


Visit the Firefox Frappr page or add your self at



Welcome to the Firefox 2.0 Release Countdown! The new version of Firefox packed with new features such as spell checking, an anti-phishing tool, a new user interface and better support for RSS feeds (below) . Another tool having to do with feeds is "Live Titles" which is activated if a website includes a microsummary. Live Titles are updated with the latest information like weather, news, or even a forum topic.

More features below...

If Firefox happens to crash you can always restore your session with a new built-in feature -- It will also restore anything you were typing. The search box now gives suggestions for Google, Yahoo!, and results.

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