The major Research Areas developed at LMC are:

      Structology: The Science and Engineering of Microstructures
      Ceramic Materials via Sol-Gel and Hybrids
      Composites, Films and Coatings
      Surface Engineering and Corrosion
      Biomaterials Development


With the support of the Government, Companies, other Universities and Research Centers, the research areas give rise to several projects. The major research projects developed at LMC are:

Structural Characterization of Raw-Materials and Minerals
Synthesis and Fabrication of Crystalline Ceramics and Glasses
Drying and Sintering of Ceramics
Microstructure of Refractory Materials
Concretes for Building
Ceramic Coatings
Materials for Separation e Adsorption
Ceramics Membranes
Ceramic Nanocomposites and Hybrids
Microstructural Modeling of Materials