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Susana F. Resende

MSc. student at the Laboratory of Ceramic Materials - Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - UFMG (since 2012)

Research Activities

Surface Funcionalization:
Sol-gel technology, synthesis of composite materials.


2012 (in course)
MSc. in Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) - Minas Gerais - Brazil.

Chemistry student at the Educational Fundation of Divinópolis (FUNEDI) - Minas Gerais - Brazil.


Helvécio C. Menezes, Maria José N. Paiva, Rosimeire R. Santos, Luciano P. Souza, Suzana F. Resende, Juliano A. Saturnino, Breno P. Paulo, Zenilda L. Cardeal. A sensitive GC/MS method using cold fiber SPME to determine polyciclic aromatic hydrocarbons in spring water. Michochemical Journal, Vol. 10, september 2013, pages 209-214 (DOI).