UFIRE 2012 & 2013 Ratings

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2013 UFIRE Legislature Grades.

Utah Legislators basically took another year off from any attempt to aid in solving the ongoing problem of illegal immigration in the state. Whether by ignorance, apathy or simply a belief in the infamous Utah Compact declaring compassion for people and leaving people with the understanding that it declared that Utahns want amnesty (legalization or citizenship for the undocumented, illegal, unauthorized or whatever PC term is now in vogue.

With little action to work with, UFIRE could have just given a general “D” grade, however there were a few brave soles to attempt something. As 2013 would have been the year to launch the Utah Guest Worker bill (aka HB 116), a minor protest vote was possible, so good hearted folks that we are, we decided to award the effort.

The primary test was SB225 since those that sponsored or voted for it avoided the other option, REPEAL, which no one introduced. Those that voted No voted in protest (hopefully) to extending HB116.

HB 116 repeal was the proper action.

So with that:

  1. (A) Senator David Hinkins who voted No on SB225 3 times, once in committee (even though it isn’t shown in the record) and two times on the floor. He also spoke out against it in committee

  2. (A) Senator Margret Dayton voted No on SB225 on the Senate floor. She was absent for the other vote.

  3. (A-) Senator Wayne Harper voted No on the final Senate vote of SB225

  4. (B-) grade goes to Rep Dixon Pitcher for introducing HB253 intended to strengthen E-Verify. However after the committee tabled it for more information, he made no effort to correct it and bring it to the committee again. He did however vote for SB225

The following Senators receive an unsatisfactory grade:

  1. (F) Sen. Curt Bramble for sponsoring SB225 and leaving no opportunity to repeal HB116 and for continuing to push benefits for unauthorized aliens (in Nevada!!) AND attempting to enshrine the Compact in the Utah County GOP platform (which failed, thankfully)

  2. (F) Sen Todd Weiler as a member of the committee referred to those speaking against SB225 as using “hateful rhetoric”

  3. (D-) Deidre Henderson (R)) voted for SB225 three times, once in committee and twice on the floor.

  4. (D-) Karen Mayne (D) voted for SB225 three times, once in committee and twice on the floor.

  5. (D) John Valentine (R) voted for SB225 two times, once in committee and once on the floor. Absent for one vote

  6. (F) Rep Lynn Hemingway(D) rates an(F) for introducing H.J.R 1 Expressing Support for the Utah Compact, even though it was not brought up for a vote. He also voted for SB225

(D)  The following Republican Senators voted for SB225, and therefore HB116

Stuart Adams. Allen Christensen, Lyle Hillyard, Scott Jenkins, Peter Knudson, Mark Madsen, Wayne Niederhauser, Ralph Okerlund,

Aaron Osmond, Stuart Reid, Brian Shiozawa, Howard Stephenson, Jerry Stephenson, Daniel Thatcher, Stephen Urquhart, Kevin Van Tassell,

Evan Vickers   Note: Mark Madsen absent for both votes

((D)The following Democrat Senators voted YES on SB225 on the floor and therefore HB116

Luz Robles, Jim Dabakis, Gene Davis, Patricia Jones

(B)The Following Republican House Members voted NO on SB225 and therefore protested HB116.    (21)

Jacob Anderegg, Jack Draxler, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Richard Greenwood, Keith Grover, Eric Hutchings, Ken Ivory,

 Michael Kennedy, John Knotwell, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, John Mathis; Daniel McCay, Mike McKell. Merrill Nelson, Curt Oda

Paul Ray, Marc Roberts, Jon Stanard 

(B+) Special Note: Brian King was the only Democrat to vote NO.    

(D)The following Republican House Members voted for SB225 and therefore in favor of HB116  (39)

Jerry Anderson,  Johnny Anderson, Stewart Barlow,  Roger Barrus , Jim Bird,  Derek Brown,  Melvin Brown,  La Var Christensen, Kay Christofferson, 

Spencer Cox,  Rich Cunningham, Brad Dee, James Dunnigan, Rebecca Edwards, Steve Eliason,  Gage Froerer, Craig Hall,  Stephen Handy,  

Gregory Hughes,  Don Ipson, Brad Last,  Kay Mciff,  Jim Nielson,  Michael Noel, Lee Perry,  Dixon Pitcher,  Jeremy Peterson, Val Peterson,

 Kraig Powell,  Edwart Redd,  Douglas Sagers,  Dean Sanpei, V. Lowry Snow,  Kevin Stratton,  Earl Tanner,  Curt Webb

John Westwood,  Ryan Wilcox,  Brad Wilson

(F) Speaker Rebecca Lockhart was the House sponsor of SB225 and as House Speaker held it to the end of the session and pressed it quickly to a vote, and therefore deserves an (F Grade). Speaker Lockhart was also complicit in the failed Compact coup in Utah County

(D)The following Democrats voted for SB225 and therefore in favor of HB116 (11)

Patrice Arent,   Joel Briscoe,  Rebecca Chavez-Houck,  Tim Cosgrove, Janice Fisher,   Lynn Hemmingway, 

 Carol Moss,   Marie Poulson, Jennifer Seelig,   Mark Wheatley,   Larry Wiley

The following missed the vote on SB225

Susan Duckworth(D) Ronda Menlove (R) Angela Romero (D)

2012   Legislative Ratings

With a dearth of activity on illegal immigration, legislative ratings were rather difficult to assess.  In the Senate. Sen. Urquhart introduced two pieces of legislation, the first (SB 157) to simply REPEAL the Guest Worker Bill and the second (SB 170) to rescind the illegal alien Driver 'Privilege' Card.  Neither was successful in even being heard outside of committees.  End result - a mass of "F's" reflecting the inactivity.   Utah continues its movement toward solidification as a true sanctuary state.
    With very little action, Senate ratings became very subjective.  *Senate members voted in favor of HB116 and took no action to comply with the delegates’ resolution to repeal and replace.

One of the primary motivating factors in fostering inactivity was the "Committee on . . . Migration" which issued a 'decree' declaring that NO "immigration bills should be considered.

Commission to Legislature: No immigration bills this year | The Salt ...  Feb 10, 2012 – A bipartisan Utah immigration commission sent letters to legislative leadership this week asking them to "refrain" from passing any bills on the ...

District Party Senator grade 116 RR Comments
29 R Urquhart, Stephen H. A+
Sponsor of SB 157 & 170
15 R Dayton, Margaret A
co-sponsor SB 157 & 170 & support in Rules
27 R Hinkins, David P. A
co-sponsor SB 157 & 170
13 R Madsen, Mark B B+
co-sponsor SB 157 &170 & support in Rules
12 R Thatcher, Daniel W C
co-sponsor SB157
23 R Weiler, Todd C
co-sponsor SB157
17 R Knudson, Peter C C- ** Rules Yea on SB 170 in comm
5 Dem Mayne, Karen C- ** Rules
22 R Adams, J. Stuart D+ ** yea on SB 170 in comm
7 Dem Romero, Ross D

10 R Osmond, Aaron D

28 R Anderson, Casey O. D

1 Dem Robles, Luz F **
2 Dem McAdams, Benjamin M. F **
3 Dem Davis, Gene F **
9 R Niederhauser, Wayne L F **
11 R Stephenson, Howard A. F **
14 R Valentine, John L F **
19 R Christensen, Allen M F **
20 R Jenkins, Scott K F **
25 R Hillyard, Lyle W. F **
4 Dem Jones, Patricia W. F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
6 R Waddoups, Michael G. F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
8 Dem Morgan, Karen W F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
16 R Bramble, Curtis S. F ** sponsor & supporter of HB116
18 R Reid, Stuart C F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
21 R Stevenson, Jerry W F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
24 R Okerlund, Ralph F ** nay on SB 157 In Comm
26 R Van Tassell, Kevin T. F ** Rules Nay on SB 170 in comm

The Utah House suffered a similar fate with attempts to Repeal and Replace the Guest Worker bill and to enact a mandatory E-verify program.

In addition to the Commission action, a secondary factor was surely  Gov. Herbert's tepid support for E-verify with no visible leadership to support such action .  Kudos to Rep. Sandstrom and Herrod for their continuing efforts.    Their efforts well be sincerely missed next session.

HB 300 (Repeal and Replace the Guest Worker Bill) The only recorded vote was on a motion to recess when the Rep Herrod attempted to bring the bill directly to the House floor. The recess effectively defeated any action.
HB 477 (E-verify) The vote was on a motion on the House floor to open a bill file which would allow consideration .  After being denied what seems a common practice, the mandatory E-verify proposal returned with the new HB 477  designationthanks to Rep. Ipson.  But the bill went nowhere.
116 RR = **House Members who either voted for HB116 both times it was voted on in the House or on the last vote that gave it final passage in 2011.

district party Representative Grade HB 300 HB 477 116 RR Reasons/Comments
62 R Herrod, Christopher N. A NO Y
58 R Sandstrom, Stephen E. A abs Y
7 R Wilcox, Ryan D. B+ NO abs
75 R Ipson, Don L. B NO Y
helped HB 300 & 477
32 R Cox, Fred C. B NO Y

12 R Greenwood, Richard A. B NO Y

61 R Grover, Keith B NO Y

71 R Last, Bradley G. B NO Y

19 R Nielson, Jim B NO Y

R Oda, Curtis B NO Y

R Sumsion, Kenneth W. B NO Y

R Mathis, John G. C+ NO Y
R Barlow, Stewart C+ NO Y

R Dunnigan, James A. C+ NO Y

45 R Eliason, Steve C+ NO Y

R Frank, Craig A. C+ NO Y

6 R Galvez, Brad J. C+ NO Y

R Gibson, Francis D. C+ NO Y

R Ivory, Ken C+ NO Y

R Snow, V. Lowry C+ NO Y

R Morley, Michael T. C abs Y
48 R Christensen, LaVar C- NO Y **
73 R Noel, Michael E. C- NO Y **
67 R Painter, Patrick C- NO Y *
72 R Vickers, Evan J. C- NO Y **
8 R Froerer, Gage C- NO Y **
51 D Hughes, Gregory H. D+ abs Y
GOP leadership
R Harper, Wayne A. D y N ** rules
60 R Daw, Bradley M. D y Y **
38 D Hutchings, Eric K. D NO abs **
52 R McCay, Daniel D y Y

50 R Newbold, Merlynn T. D y Y

D Ray, Paul D abs Y

15 D Wilson, Brad R. D y Y **
R Butterfield, David G. D NO N **
D Barrus, Roger E. D y Y **
25 R Briscoe, Joel K. D y N

24 D Chavez-Houck, Rebecca D y N

30 R Doughty, Brian D y N

22 R Duckworth, Susan D y N

29 R Fisher, Janice M. D y N **
R Handy, Stephen G. D y N **
40 R Hemingway, Lynn N. D y N **
2 R Perry, Lee B. D NO N **
9 R Peterson, Jeremy A. D NO N **
5 R Webb, R. Curt D NO N **
28 D King, Brian S. D y N

11 R Dee, Brad L. D- y Y ** GOP leadership
R Pitcher, Dixon M. D NO N **
D Peterson, Val L. D- y Y **
63 R Sanpei, Dean D- y Y **
R Kiser, Todd E. D- y Y **
33 R Hendrickson, Neal B. D- y N ** rules
3 R Draxler, Jack R. F NO N **rules also spoke on floor against 300
34 D Anderson, Johnny F y N **
R Arent, Patrice M. F y N **
R Brown, Derek E. F y N **
D Brown, Melvin R. F y N **
44 R Cosgrove, Tim M. F y N **
20 D Edwards, Rebecca P. F y N **
R Litvack, David F y N **
70 D McIff, Kay L. F y N **
D Moss, Carol Spackman F y N **
46 R Poulson, Marie H. F y N **
54 R Powell, Kraig F y N **
D Sagers, Douglas F y N **
D Seelig, Jennifer M. F y N **
D Watkins, Christine F. F y N **
35 R Wheatley, Mark A. F y N **
R Bird, Jim F y N ** rules
31 D Wiley, Larry B. F y N ** rules
64 R Lockhart, Rebecca D. F y N ** GOP leadership
1 R Menlove, Ronda Rudd F y N ** GOP leadership
27 R Dougall, John F- y N ** open border advocate
68 R Wright, Bill F- y N ** rules & sponsor HB116