Letters to the Editor

My view: Balanced coverage of immigration needed in media

Deseret News Dec.14, 2012  (By Janalee Tobias a member of the Utah Immigration and Migration Commission )

We as citizens are frustrated.  Why is it that Paul Mero and Mark Shurtleff seem to be the only people that the news media interviews about immigration? When the media allows Mero and Shurtleff and others to paint people who are against illegal immigration with a broad brush to imply that we are all against legal immigration, it harms the state of Utah.  READ THE LETTER

Wake up now, America

SL Tribune June 14, 2011

We have already lost our English-only language country. When is America going to take back our country for Americans? We are overwhelmed with illegal aliens, who some people call "immigrants" because they don’t have the guts to call it like it is.  READ THE LETTER

Reliant on illegal aliens

SL Tribune June 1, 2012

We’ve been traveling into outer space since the 1960s, so it is beyond belief that Americans aren’t smart enough to invent machines that can pick tomatoes and completely mechanize the farming industry. In the meantime, the federal government has several legal guest worker programs. Why aren’t farmers using them?  READ THE LETTER

Verify E-Verify

SL Tribune May 3, 2012
A recently completed study by UFIRE (Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement) indicates that more than half of the nearly 1,000 companies signed up as users of E-Verify on Utah’s website do not appear as registered users on the Department of Homeland Security’s list. READ THE LETTER

Underclass workers

SL Tribune April 27, 2012

It was great to see the editorial "Enforce E-Verify: It’s time to provide penalties" (Our View, April 13). Utah law "mandates" that all businesses with 15 or more employees use the free federal E-Verify program to determine if prospective employees are legal to work in the United States and to prevent ID theft of names of children for employment purposes.READ THE LETTER

Just who is extreme?

SL Tribune April 12, 2012
In "Missionaries, immigration, and the far right" (Opinion, April 1), Larry Alan Brown provides no evidence that the immigration debate in Utah has negatively impacted LDS Church missionary work. His claim is based merely on anecdotal observations. READ THE LETTER

Illegal is illegal

SL Tribune March 26, 2012
I looked up the definitions of "illegal immigrant," "illegal alien" and "alien" in several sources and never came across a negative or offensive definition. Foreigner; resident of another country; resides in a country unlawfully; are the terms used. READ THE ARTICLE

Opening the floodgates

Provo Daily Herald Feb. 13, 2012

The editorial about illegal immigration shows that the Herald is fully on board with opening the floodgates to illegal immigration into not only Utah but the rest of the nation. READ THE LETTER

Impeach Eric Holder

SL Tribune   Dec 8, 2011
Concerning the attack by the federal government due to the passage of HB497.  The states are compelled to absorb and pay for the problems created by illegal immigration. To deny that they can deal with illegal immigration is absurd.  READ THE ARTICLE

E-Verify: No better idea

SL Tribune  Oct. 19, 2011
I have four problems with the Los Angeles Times editorial “Mandating E-Verify would be a mistake” (Opinion, Oct.11): READ THE LETTER it is good.

Undocumented Parents

SL Tribune September 25,2011
However, I have long been bewildered by the assertions of “undocumented” folks that they have been victimized by the laws of the United States. In cases where parents bring their young “undocumented” children with them, the aggressors are the parents, not the United States.  READ THE LETTER

Export Liberty

SL Tribune  August 19, 2011

In “Immigration reform would prime the economy” (Opinion, Aug. 14), Mark Alvarez has one excellent point, his final suggestion: “Implement employment verification that holds employers accountable.”

Initiative petitions are under way in at least three counties to do just that. The Lawful Employment Ordinance would require all employers to use E-Verify, a program that would reduce the hiring of unauthorized aliens in Utah. READ THE LETTER

Perils of immigration

Provo Herald  Aug. 3, 2011

Your July 24 "No place..." editorial was an embarrassing display of venom toward all opponents of Utah's HB 116. The writer, indignant over Mr. Beckham's use of the word "traitor" toward those who favor an amnesty approach to the Utah immigration mess, launches into name-calling and insults toward the majority of Republican delegates who voted, in two recent conventions, to repeal HB 116.  READ THE LETTER

Legalizing the illegal

Provo Daily Herald July 11, 2011
To justify the "resolution on steroids," Speaker Lockhart opines that Utah "confront[ed] a serious problem with the impacts of those who are here illegally." It is difficult to understand how legalizing the illegal alien with a guest worker permit, mingled with a tad of enforcement, will solve any problems. READ THE LETTER

The Push and Pull of Immigraton

Desret News July 3, 2011
In migration of populations there is a dynamic called push/pull. We can't change the push. But, we can and should minimize the pull. This is something we can do without asking for waivers or running afoul of federal laws: Repeal driver privilege cards; Repeal in-state tuition for those here illegally; Enforce the 14th Amendment and refuse to give birth right citizenship to children born in Utah of illegal mothers; Enforce current federal laws that forbid entitlements; No housing assistance, no food stamps, welfare, WIC, no public education, etc; Fine employers that employ those here illegally. Read The Letter

Living here legally

SL Tribune  June 17, 2011

Among other things, opponents of illegal immigration are often called “heartless.” Many also similarly describe the enforcement of our laws, especially in regard to deportation.  If I ever chose to enter another country illegally, would I have the expectation of a “right” to work, to feel safe from deportation, to have that nation pander to my needs and not expect the law to be on my back? READ THE LETTER

Speak up on HB116

Deseret News June 14, 2011
Either they are working at a job using a stolen Social Security card and have taken an American citizen's job, placing another American worker in the unemployment line, or they are using the state's welfare system, which we all are paying for. READ THE LETTER

Uninvited Guest Workers

SL Tribune May 5, 2011
Concerning the so-called “guest” worker program — a “guest” is an invited person who is welcomed by the host and who the host expects will also go home before, or at least when, the host and his wife are standing at the door in their pajamas. READ THE LETTER

Demand arrests

SL Tribune April 8, 2011
The Utah Legislature cuts off unemployment benefits to 20,000 citizens, yet it passes an amnesty immigration bill that will encourage illegals to come here and soak up jobs. Anything wrong with that?  READ THE LETTER

New law is amnesty

SL Tribune March 24, 2012

Utah’s “immigration solution” is not a guest worker program (“Immigration’s ‘Utah Solution,’” Tribune, March 16). Utah’s new welcome sign and law is amnesty for any illegal immigrant from Guatemala, Mexico, Arizona and California who can get here by May. READ THE LETTER

Immigrant Labor

SL Tribune March 5, 2011

The proposed Senate Bill 228 by Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, dubbed the Utah Compact Immigration Bill, would allow illegal immigrants to pay a fine and obtain a guest-worker permit. This anti-American-family bill would hurt middle class and poor Americans of all races. READ THE LETTER.

Immigration factors

Deseret News Feb.21, 2011

Unless and until we face up to the severe violations of our laws and do everything possible to put a stop to them, we will never solve this problem or the cost problem.READ THE LETTER

Missionaries are legal

SL Tribune Feb 17, 2011

Lopez-Vargas got it all wrong: Mormon missionaries are going into Mexico with a visa, not over or under the fence or through a river — they are legal and not undocumented!  READ THE LETTER

Southern Border

Deseret News  Feb. 13, 2011
The United States has a gaping wound on its southern border. We are hearing plan after plan to take care of those who have unlawfully entered our country and are causing us extensive financial trauma. It is ridiculous to consider any plan for dealing with illegal immigrants who are here until we have sealed the southern border.  READ THE LETTER

Hire, but verify

SL Tribune Feb 12, 2011

I once thought that “outsourcing” was companies making products overseas rather than in the United States. After losing my job in 2008, my outlook changed. Rep. Christopher Herrod, R-Provo, has proposed House Bill 253, which would require employers of five or more employees to use the federal E-Verify system that tracks the legal status of workers. A company found in violation a second time would lose its business license. READ THE LETTER

Pass HB 253 to encourage use of E-Verify

Ogden Standard Examiner Feb. 3, 2011

According to G.A.O. , the E-Verify system confirms 97.4% of workers instantly or within 24 hours; 2.6% of workers receive Tentative Non Confirm. Of these 2.6%, .3% of workers are later confirmed (errors due to name changes, naturalizations, mis-spellings). The final 2.3% receive Final Non Confirm  READ THE LETTER

Unemployment Soved

SL Tribune Jan. 3, 2011
If all the illegal immigrants were to leave the United States, the 10 percent of unemployment of our legal citizens would go down considerably.  Visit any construction job, or other business not in the service sector, and see the number of jobs illegal immigrants have that could go to hard-working but unemployed American citizens.   READ THE LETTER

No more guest workers

SL Tribune Dec. 20, 2010

In regard to the proposals to have some kind of guest-worker permit program for illegal aliens: Instead of providing work for people who are here illegally, it is wiser to give the work to the out-of-work Utah citizens whose unemployment benefits have run out. READ THE LETTER

Legal channels only

Deseret News December 12, 2010

I am very disappointed in both our civic and church leaders who are supporting the proposed Luz Robles undocumented immigrant bill. This is a form of amnesty no matter what she says. READ THE LETTER 

Permit is a bad idea

Dec. 3, 2010 Deseret News

"Illegal workers may need a permit." What a good idea! I wonder why the feds didn't think of that. While we're at it, why not have drug dealers get a permit? Prostitutes should have one too; after all, they're only doing a job no one else wants. You want to drive drunk? No problem. Get a permit.READ THE LETTER

Anchor babies

Nov. 21, 2010  SL Tribune
Therefore, if a family is deported for being here illegally, and they have a child who is a U.S. citizen, the child will be deported with the parents until she is of legal age to return to the country of her birth. At which time she will be welcomed home.READ THE LETTER

No compassion

 Deseret News Nov 18, 2010

 Having been a general contractor most of my life I have to disagree with the fact that we should have more compassion for them. They knew the risk they were taking when they came into this country.READ THE LETTER

Send Them All Home

SL Tribune 11/18/10
Why do The Tribune and liberals refer to illegal aliens by the euphemistic, politically correct “undocumented workers”? Or “Mexican nationals” when they are involved in criminal activity. Why are you loathe to print or say “illegal”?  READ THE LETTER

Voice of the people

SL Tribune 11/18/10

How ironic that in the editorial “Listen up: Words of wisdom on immigration” (Our View, Nov. 12), you quote from the Bible: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”  READ THE LETTER

Where blame resides

SL Tribune Nov 18/2010
Like many Utahns, I am concerned about illegal immigration. When the idea of deporting illegal immigrants is discussed, I often hear people lament about “tearing families apart.  READ THE LETTER

Support legal immigrants

Deseret News Nov. 17, 2010

For anybody to try to mix the labels of legals and illegals does an injustice to legal immigrants.  READ THE LETTER

The Utah Compact

Deseret News Nov. 15, 2010

The validity and usefulness of the Compact for Legal Immigrants depends on the definition of "immigrant." If one uses the common definition, "A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another," then we must assume this is referring only to those who are here legally, in which case most people would generally agree with the sentiments. READ THE LETTER

Jobs for Americans

November 14, 2010 Deseret News
Americans and their politicians complain about exporting, or off-shoring, American jobs to countries able to provide labor at a far cheaper cost. Many Utahns and their politicians think this sort of thing is an economic problem, but these same folks see nothing economically wrong with importing foreign, legal and illegal, cheap labor into Utah. READ THE LETTER

Illegal immigration

Nov 10, 2010 Deseret News

The proponents of the "humane" and "business friendly" arguments favoring illegal immigration bring deceit to the discussion when they claim this is about "immigration." They know full well that their opponents are not against immigration — we are against illegal immigration. It's not about ethnicity, it's about the law.  READ THE LETTER

We can't let all immigrants in

November 10, 2010  Deseret News

I go in and out of the country frequently and I have yet to see a sign at the border stating, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." READ THE LETTER

Illegal immigrants are why schools struggle

Deseret News  October 24, 2010

The educators in Utah keep saying they need more money to run the system. They keep bringing up that we are the last in the nation for per pupil financing. Let's tell the truth. Utah schools are hurting because of the many illegal-undocumented aliens who have over stressed the school programs.  READ THE LETTER

Farm work wages

Oct. 16, 2010 SL Tribune
It’s not that American citizens won’t do farm work. They want a decent wage for it.
These farmers want to charge top dollar for their produce while paying less than livable wages.

Illegals are criminals

Deseret News September 8, 2010

The term "noncriminal illegals," used in a Deseret News front page headline on Sept. 7 is an oxymoron that clearly indicates the most egregious contradiction of the illegal immigrant issue in the United States.  READ THE LETTTER 

Birthright caveat

Anyone born in the United States shall have the same citizenship as the infant’s mother, since in many cases the father is not known or a man may pose as a father for certain considerations.READ THE LETTER

Go Arizona

SL Tribune August 20, 2010
Every single day, we U.S. citizens are required to prove who we are. Why in hell should those people who are here illegally be exempt? Why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country does? Only those here illegally have anything to fear. Why do we keep covering for those who are breaking the law? READ THE LETTER

Punish businesses

SL Tribune August 20, 2010
One of the more interesting provisions in the immigration bill proposed by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, is that it gives Utah citizens the right to sue police departments or other state government agencies that limit or restrict the enforcement of federal immigration laws. READ THE LETTER  

Debate is upside down

Deseret News August 17, 2010

According to a local television news poll, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom's immigration bill is popularly received by an overwhelming 77.5 percent as of Aug. 14, with more than 1,080 people participating in the poll. But the tenor of those reporting on Sandstrom's bill is always negative and seems to side with the illegal population  READ THE LETTER 

Issue is low pay

Deseret News July 29, 2010

A nonsensical statement too often appears in commentary about illegal immigration. It is that those illegal immigrants are doing work that legal residents won't do.  Will you clean toilets for $5 per hour? Will you clean toilets for $5,000 per hour? To the second question, I (and thousands of others) would enthusiastically answer "yes."  READ THE ARTICLE 

Keep them at front door

Deseret News July 25, 2010

Those who decry the enforcement of our immigration laws often mix compassion with common sense. Compassion says it is immoral to turn away Mexican citizens from hospital emergency rooms, while common sense says that 10 million Mexican citizens getting free health care in our emergency rooms is going to bankrupt the system.  READ THE LETTER 

Broken system

SL Tribune July 17, 2010
The greater reform needed is to change our failed political process. We need politicians who will pass a law and enforce it, who will work for their constituents to secure the present for them and the future for their families. Utah’s politicians need to hold employers accountable by simply matching payroll deductions with Social Security numbers to find fraudulent numbers READ THE LETTER

Immigrant labor

SL Tribune July 17, 2010
I’m talking about track construction. I used to make $60,000 a year in this field, but now because railroad contractors mostly hire illegal immigrants, I make $400 every two weeks cleaning parking lots. Illegal immigrants now have my job, and I have theirs. READ THE LETTER 

Food stamp rights

SL Tribune July 16, 2010
The fact that I’m paying taxes to feed the families of illegal aliens through food stamps while my own mother can’t get these benefits when she and I both paid taxes for years really makes me angry. READ THE LETTER 

Nothing funny about illegal

July 13, Deseret News

Steve Warren seems to think that straw-man arguments about American citizens breaking the law justify more lawbreaking by people who are not supposed to be here ("We all break laws," Readers' Forum, July 9).  There is nothing funny or legal about forged papers and Social Security numbers. What is happening on our southern border is also not legal or funny  READ THE LETTER

News article biased

Deseret News July 9,2010

The truth is many, many "illegal" immigrants have fake IDs and receive all the benefits of being American citizens. Westover needs only work in the medical field or government and he would see this on a daily basis. READ THE LETTER

Arizona within rights

Deseret News July 9, 2010

How can President Barack Obama ignore, trash and otherwise not follow the Constitution in so many matters and then go after Arizona claiming it is unconstitutional? Actually it is well within the Constitution by applying laws given it as "states' rights" and protecting its own borders. READ THE LETTER

Lose-lose situation

Deseret News  July 4, 2010
Attorney General Mark Shurtleff wants to legalize, and reward for breaking our laws, these criminals by creating a guest-worker program.  READ THE LETTER

Real interest cheap labor

SL Tribune July 2, 2010
So what is the difference between the current illegal-immigrant calamity and the plans of Shurtleff, Mero and the Chamber? Considering the American economy, where is their concern for hiring unemployed Utahns? READ THE LETTER

Verify, verify

SL Tribune June 17, 2010
Require every employer, including small businesses like construction and landscaping, to use E-Verify for every employee, and make hiring an illegal a felony crime with jail time, then demand will drastically drop and so will the supply. We may then discover we need those immigrants, but legally .

Roadblocks for illegals

SL Tribune June 13, 2010
How come we can do roadblocks to find drunk drivers, but we cannot have roadblocks to find illegal immigrants? Illegals cost us more than drunk drivers. READ THE LETTER

Bereft of logic

SL Tribune June 7, 2010
"Fourth-generation Texas Republican" Michael Clara, author of "Belittling Latinos goes against LDS doctrine" (Opinion, May 30), might be interested in knowing that the recently approved Utah platform plank, which I sponsored, was taken directly from the 2008 Republican platform of his home state of Texas. READ THE LETTER

A 'fake' crisis?

The position of Eric Samuelson regarding illegal immigrants is extremely misguided and ignorant. His thinking is to just open the borders and issue everyone a green card.  READ THE LETTER

Burbank Bad Example

Deseret News May 30, 2010
Chris Burbank should be immediately removed from office. He not only supports Salt Lake City as a sanctuary city, but his support of those who encourage the violation of existing law makes him unworthy of this trusted position.  READ THE LETTER

News plays mind games

Deseret News May 30, 2010
Do you get the impression that the illegal alien immigration scenario is an out-of-control quagmire that could result in a confrontation that few, if any, want to see? The problem, as I see it, is the pandering media, the irresponsible businesses and the selfish politicians looking for votes  READ THE LETTER

Fire the police chiefs

Deseret News May 28, 2010

The meeting Wednesday in Washington, D.C., with the attorney general and chiefs of police — including Chief Chris Burbank of Salt Lake City — should be called the "how not to do your job summit." READ THE LETTER

A certifiable citizenry

SL Tribune May 27, 2010

When approached by a police officer, no one is more apprehensive than me. Nonetheless, I would be thrilled if, when an officer approached me, he asked for proof of my right to be in the country. I'd think, "What? You mean my citizenship counts for something? The government cares that many citizens think there are enough people in this country?READ THE LETTER

Stepped on our laws

SL Tribune May 9, 2010

With Arizona's new immigration legislation, much of the Hispanic community suddenly decided that laws are important. But what of the laws that illegal immigrants disregarded to get to the United States? It's convenient to ignore one law yet demand changes to another. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.  I am a Mexican immigrant, and I support Arizona's law. READ THE LETTER

Undocumented thieves

SL Tribune May 5, 2010

Those who come illegally are thieves, not "undocumented workers." If you roll out of Walmart with a cart of groceries without paying, are you a thief or just an "undocumented shopper"? If you can't respect our laws in coming to America, how can we believe you'll respect them once you're here?READ THE LETTER

Require documentation

Deseret News May 2, 2010

The way to solve illegal immigration is obvious. Remove the incentives for coming to the United States illegally. READ THE LETTER

Stop tide of illegals

Deseret News May 2, 2010

The only thing a person in Arizona has to fear from this new law is being illegal and being caught. READ THE LETTER 

Arizona law long overdue

Deseret News April 29, 2010

Several weeks ago, my son-in-law — a track coach at the University of Arizona in Tuscon — was driving to work. Another car ran a stop sign and collided with him. Both cars were totaled, but fortunately no one was seriously injured. The driver and passenger of the other car could not speak English. The driver could not produce a driver's license, proof of insurance or any identification  READ THE LETTER 

Arizona law a model

Deseret News April 29, 2010

Perhaps if we lived in Arizona, where illegal immigrants are pouring into the state, we might be encouraged because the state is finally trying to curb such illegal practices. Where is the Deseret News editorial opinion's compassion for the people who are legally living there?  READ THE LETTER

LDS and immigration

SL Tribune April 28, 2010

Two powerful opposing forces are about to converge. First, the recently stated position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that no undocumented aliens will be turned away; second, the new law in Arizona that gives local law enforcement officers sweeping powers to identify and incarcerate undocumented (aka illegal) aliens. READ THE LETTER 

Protecting borders

Deseret News April 27, 2010

As I predicted, the states will make laws and begin enforcing immigration law because of the failure of the last two administrations in D.C. to enforce federal law and protect our borders. READ THE LETTER 

LDS Immigrants

SL Tribune April 22, 2010

I was appalled after recently reading this 2008 statement by Elder Marlin K. Jensen, a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: "The church's view of someone in undocumented status is akin, in a way, to a civil trespass." READ THE LETTER

The real Bennett

SL Tribune April 18, 2010

Victims of illegal alien crime?   Bennett sponsored an amendment to the 2006 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that shields religious groups from responsibility for crimes committed by illegal "volunteers." READ THE LETTER

Send killers back home

Deseret News April 10, 2010  (Select "UT Alien Crime" on the sidebar to see documentation)

Has anyone else noticed? Most murders in our Utah community over the past few years have been by illegal immigrants. These are mostly men with past criminal convictions — sometimes from multiple states. Read More

Don't hire undocumented

Deseret Morning News  April 4, 2010

Here is a simple solution for solving the problem of illegal immigration in our state, communities and country: Exercise personal responsibility and do not hire undocumented workers. Utah has plenty of young people.... Read the Letter

Tide of Illegals Likely

Deseret News March 24, 2010

One effect of Mr. Obama's health care reform will be to greatly increase illegal immigration. Employers will hire even more illegals to work "off the books" in order to keep costs down. More citizens' jobs will be lost as a new flood of hungry people enters our labor market.  Read The Letter

Repeal in-state tuition

Deseret News Mar. 6, 2010

Utah Higher Education Commissioner William Sederburg (My View, March 1) reports that thousands of Utahns will not be able to attend college because of budget shortfalls and increased enrollment. Still, the Utah Legislature continues to refuse to repeal in-state tuition to foreign nationals residing illegally in the state.  Read The Letter  

Crack down on illegals

Deseret News Feb. 27, 2010

I agree with Sen. Chris Buttars on cracking down on illegal aliens. Congress is planning to pass a bill that would give Social Security payments to all illegals who work in the United States, even when they go home to Mexico.  Read The Letter  

In-state tuition

SL Tribune Feb. 7, 2010

In "Utahns conflicted over in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants" ( Tribune , Jan. 31), Theresa Martinez attempts to negate The Tribune poll that indicates that 47 percent of Utah voters think that taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students should be terminated.  Read theLetter.

Keep Illegals Out

Deseret News January 20, 2010

Roberto Miramontes Roman has been deported twice before, and he just keeps coming back, like 12 million others who don't understand that crossing the border illegally is a crime. Roman and Ruben Chavez-Reyes are career criminals. Just look at their pictures posing with high-caliber guns that only narco-traffickers can obtain.  Read The Letter  

Wester's words

SL Tribune Jan 11, 2010

Bishop Wester stated that the Catholic Church also wants the proposed law to include language to make health insurance available to illegal aliens who can afford to pay for it. How many Utahns or Catholics were aware that this proposal was part of the Catholic position  Read the Letter

Immigration fallout

Bill Barton  SL Tribune January 11, 2010

It has happened once again -- an "undocumented" person taking the ultimate right from one of our citizens. Because we have been so lax in enforcing immigration laws, another of our citizens has lost her life, this time a Millard County deputy sheriff ("Suspects in deputy slaying nabbed, asleep in Beaver County shed," Tribune , Jan. 7).

While hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants are naturalized as American citizens each year by complying with the rigorous requirements, many in Washington are considering awarding amnesty and easy citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.Read More

SB 81’s aftermath

Daily Herald December 4, 2009
After some years of discussion and delay, SB 81, on illegal immigration, was implemented four months ago. One of the requirements of the law was that ALL public (government) employers must use an employment verification program, such as E-Verify.  Read the Letter

Ignoring state law

The 2008 Utah Legislature passed SB-81 and the 2009 Legislature allowed it to go into effect on July 1, 2009. SB-81 provisions forbid cities, counties, school district and other taxpayer funded entities from hiring "undocumented individuals." In addition, the law forbids hiring for public contracts, by their contractors and sub-contractors, those illegally in the United States.  Read the letter

Words are idiotic

Only the Deseret News editorial staff — or a pack of village idiots — could use the words "law-abiding" and "undocumented" to describe the exact same people.  Is it any wonder so many of us are leaving the mainstream media and turning to alternative outlets for our news?

Korte Young  Milford  Deseret News Nov. 7, 2009

Only for citizens

SL Tribune Nov. 30, 2009

By:  Ronald Mortensen      Bountiful

So, because of SB81, Utah's new anti-illegal immigration law, a donor may cancel a $180,000 scholarship endowment at the College of Eastern Utah ("Utah colleges say SB81 difficult to implement," Tribune , Oct. 24). Apparently, the donor may not want students to undergo an immigration-status check.  Read The Letter

Protecting Citizens' Jobs

Deseret News Oct 20, 2009

I'm wondering what ever happened to Utah House Joint Resolution 25 (HJR 25)? It was supposed to protect Utah residents who have the legal right to work in this state. Many of us are still in need of something that will protect our jobs from those who are destroying the construction industry for the legal U.S. citizens here in the state.

The use of illegal immigrants in the construction field by large Utah companies is destroying the possibility of having work and a decent wage in the skills we have spent years perfecting. If the government won't protect its people, then who will? We as legal citizens deserve to have our livelihoods protected the same as the auto industry. But all we ask is for there to be verification that our competitors are not unfairly underbidding by taking advantage of a person's illegal status.

Jared Daley


Fix Immigration First

Aug 29, 2009 Deseret News

No way should we legislate health care until we have cleaned up the mess that immigration has left. I am not giving my elected representatives permission to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to provide health care for millions of illegals and others who are not entitled.

No health-care reform until we finish the job of illegal immigration. It has not always been the problem it is now. But unless we address it and solve it, it will always be a problem.

Kathleen Allred  (Herriman)

Health care for illegals?

Deseret News August 19, 2009

So if Obama Care wins out, will it cover illegal aliens? If so, will the floodgates open more than they are now?

And does that make me a racist for asking that question, even if I do not want illegals from Spain, Italy, England or Canada jumping on the bandwagon?

Robert Payne


LDS and immigration

 SL Tribune 07/23/2009

In the story about undocumented immigrants as Mormon missionaries ("Without purse, script or citizenship?" Tribune , July 11), Rebecca Van Uitert was quoted as saying, "I have learned to listen to the Spirit. When God tells me to do something, I do it."

Great advice. The difficulty is deciding which thoughts come from God and which are our own desires and wishes. Not every thought that enters our minds is from God, and with a little effort we can justify almost any behavior.

Because I believe God loves all of us equally, I don't believe he tells anybody (including religious leaders) from any country to sneak into the United States illegally, butting in line ahead of thousands trying honestly and legally to enter our country. Nor would God tell anyone to steal or buy a stolen Social Security number or falsely fill out an I-9 employment verification form.

I believe in the Mormon Articles of Faith, including the one that says we should obey, honor and sustain the law. I believe in always trying to be "honest in our dealings with our fellow men." The Heavenly Father I have faith in encourages and endorses honesty and respect.

Todd Andrizzi


Mothers at fault 

SL Trib  07/22/2009

The editorial "Risking children: SB81 threatens day-care homes" (Opinion, July 8) argues that Utah's new immigration law puts children of undocumented immigrants at risk. Let's at least be honest about it. The people who are putting these children at risk are the undocumented mothers who slip into this country illegally. Then when they are caught (for a variety of reasons) and sent back, they cry about being forced to leave their babies behind. If they truly cared about their children, they would take them home with them, start over and apply for visas and attempt to become American citizens instead of "undocumented" persons.

David Drabner

St. George

Sustain the law

July 17, 2009  SL Tribune
By Vicki Martin, Clearfield, UT

In not using Utah's new immigration law, Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank is concerned for the civil rights of illegal aliens, but he ignores the dictum that to punish lesser crimes is to prevent larger crimes ("New immigration law sets dangerous precedent," Opinion, July 4).

For example, if the illegal alien who killed three members of the Gary Ceran family had been deported after an earlier driving under the influence charge, he wouldn't have committed vehicular homicide and Utah taxpayers wouldn't be paying $35,000 a year to incarcerate him.

See Entire Letter

Why oppose SB81?

DNews: Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sutherland Institute has again weighed in against SB81, a bill that makes a tepid attempt to reduce the invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants. The Sutherland Institute seems to imply that illegals will be deported if they report a crime. But police will not, under SB81, ask about the immigration status of people who report a crime. This is a red herring.

Why would a conservative think tank support policies like driver permits and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants? Could it be that the Sutherland Institute is looking out for businesses that engage in the criminal activity of hiring illegal immigrants so they don't have to pay a market wage to American workers?

Jon Olson, Salt Lake City

Illegal’s Health Care 

DesNews July 12, 2009

My wife of 36 years passed away from breast cancer. Yes, I have good medical insurance, and yes, I was required to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

We American citizens take responsibility for our own health care while millions of illegals receive it at our expense. Now, the very politicians who have failed to secure our borders are telling us we need socialized "Obamacare."

What is wrong with this picture?

Darrell K. Paskett, West Valley City

Burbank off Base

SL Tribune July 10, 2009

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank is off base in "New immigration law sets dangerous precedent" (Opinion, July 4). As far as comparing those who want immigration reform to the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler, this is repulsive as well as foolish. The chief states that what happened with blacks with the Jim Crow laws can happen with immigrants, but I do not recall any illegal immigrants being hung in this state.

When Chief Burbank compares today's illegal immigrants to Latter-day Saints in the 1840s being driven out of their homes and being forced to move to this valley (which at the time was Mexican territory), he again makes a foolish statement. Mormons did not steal Social Security numbers, use forged documents, and lie to employers about the fact that they were in the country illegally. They were law-abiding people.

As far as the chief's statement that the republic is not based on the concept of majority rule, he needs to read Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

William Caughey, West Jordan

Incendiary Language

Salt Lake Tribune July 10, 2009

Labeling those Utahns who support legislation that fortifies federal immigration law "hotheads" who indulge their "baser instincts" only infuriates those who want the state to fill a void the feds have created ("Immigration law: Not a nice reflection on Utah," Opinion, July 2). Such incendiary statements are barriers to an amicable immigration solution.

The editorial calls Utah's new immigration law, SB81, "misguided." Who would you have the Legislature "pander" to, illegal residents or citizens and legal residents? Immigration and guest-worker programs exist to supplement labor shortfalls that businesses encounter. But to enhance their profits, many businesses circumvent these programs by hiring illegal laborers who choose to ignore those legal guidelines.

A discussion about immigration must be frank and honest, but injecting discrimination and the emotional aspects of immigration is not warranted. The discussion does not involve ethnicity or demographics. It is about U.S. labor requirements, immigration for a sustainable population level, a society governed by laws, and restoring integrity to the workplace and our immigration system.

July 1, 2009 -- "not a day to be proud of"? I respectfully take exception. SB81 was long in coming and far past due.

Mark C. Ferguson, Salt Lake City

By gum!

SLTrib Updated: 07/09/2009 06:49:04 PM MDT

After reading Stuart Reid's letter, "Last to first" (Forum, July 6), I felt many emotions -- humor, disgust and a little by-gumness. Reid is unhappy with Utah's new immigration law, SB81. He quotes scriptural texts from the "dominant religion's" Book of Mormon. He is unhappy that our elected officials did not do as he felt his good book and religion would have them do.

Without getting too far into it, there are reasons we have the separation between church and state, and our state is finally making some progress. If Reid does not know these reasons, he needs to do his homework on world history. And no, this is not taught in those three hours on Sunday.

It is amusing that he quotes scripture only when it helps his point. I'm sure the good book also has many quotes on what to do with trespassers and lawbreakers, but that would of course contradict Reid's point. By gum.

Rick Miller, Holladay

Chief has it wrong

Public Forum Letter  Updated: 07/07/2009 04:55:33 PM MDT  Salt Lake Tribune

I don't know where to begin when discussing Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank's "New immigration law sets dangerous precedent" (Opinion, July 4) -- the hyperbole of comparing those who disagree with his opinion as being Nazis, or the misrepresentation of Senate Bill 81, Utah's new immigration law, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's 287(g) program.

Under SB81, whether police units become 287(g) certified is voluntary, and Burbank knows this. Since this option has been available to Utah police units for years, there is no change with SB81. Those two county units in Utah that are certified to enforce immigration laws certainly do not practice Gestapo techniques. I am sure that the main problem Chief Burbank has is that under SB81 police units may not hide information or be uncooperative with ICE.

I hope the people of Salt Lake City don't mind being a "sanctuary city," because, if the opinions expressed by Chief Burbank are policy, that will happen. His opinions don't improve the illegal immigration problem in Utah or Salt Lake City; they enable it.

Gaylan Stewart,  Spanish Fork

Illegal aliens don't belong

Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2009 12:16 a.m. MDT Deseret News

In your editorial "A sad day for Utah" (July 1) on the implementation of SB81 was the inane statement: "Crossing the border illegally is a minor offense, on the order of a speeding ticket."

What other country in the world would consider it so? If you think so, you haven't lived abroad as I have for many years and traveled extensively.

These illegal aliens are not just "crossing the borders." They are availing themselves of all that goes with staying here. There is no doubt that this continued invasion of illegal aliens has contributed to the present situation in California and elsewhere. Of course, all should be treated humanely and with compassion. But they simply do not belong here.

Jerry Molloy,  Cottonwood Heights

Scrutinize illegals

 Deseret News July 5, 2009

The Sutherland Institute says that only 4 percent of Utah's inmates are illegals. Well, if there's the same proportion in the general population, that is 80,000 illegal alien adults among us soaking up jobs and social service resources. That is the population of Provo.

I can only wonder at the real motivation of these rich "conservatives" who wish to keep so many illegals in Utah. The only thing I can guess at is they want to suppress wages, avoid paying Social Security taxes and avoid normal worker benefits and insurance while displacing legal workers who would rightly and legally expect such things.

Maybe there needs to be closer federal scrutiny on what is going on.

R. Scott Ormond,  American Fork

Immigrants avoid jail  

Deseret News July 3, 2009

The Sutherland Institute's study on illegal-immigrant crime, cited in the Deseret News editorial "A sad day for Utah," is very misleading. It claims that illegal immigrants make up less than 5 percent of Utah's jail and prison population and concludes that illegals do not have a disproportionate rate of crime.

Judges often take a "hands off" approach to illegals who are arrested. They are frequently turned over to immigration authorities and are subsequently taken back to the border or released back onto our streets, eluding incarceration. The actual number of crimes committed is revealed by the number of arrests, and these do indeed reflect a higher crime rate among illegal aliens. Our current, broken system simply allows them to avoid jail and prison time in Utah.

Laurie Lisonbee,  Salem

Last to first

SL Trib  Updated: 07/02/2009 04:23:59 PM MDT

As a Utah resident, I am ashamed of the new immigration law, SB81. Much is made of a "dominant religion" in the Utah Legislature; this is one time when religious principles were abandoned by legislators.

It's alarming that those who could have created a model for national immigration exemplifying compassion did just the opposite by demonstrating bigotry. They know better.

They know these immigrants should be helped to "blossom as a rose" by being "carried in our arms and on our shoulders"; they know we are to be "nursing fathers and mothers" to them (see 1 Nephi 21:22 in the Book of Mormon).

In SB81, the legislators who belong to the dominant religion rejected responsibility and failed the least of us, and in so doing have failed all of us. No wonder that in the end, "the last shall be first, and the first last" (Matthew 20:16). With the attitudes reflected in SB81, our legislators just guaranteed all that goes with that statement.

Stuart C. Reid, Ogden

(Comment: Mr Reid seems to have trouble differentiating between legal and illegal immigrant)


Where's the compassion?

SL Tribune  06/29/2009

As I read "Lawsuit looms over SB81," regarding groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Latino lobbyists threatening to sue over the "rights" of illegal aliens to hold taxpayer-funded jobs, it left me wondering about the rights of U.S. citizens to hold them.

The common tactic of these pro-illegal immigration groups is to accuse as racist or part of a "hate group" any American who voices a concern that our immigration laws are not being enforced. This is an overused but effective means of slapping an unofficial gag order on American citizens, who are among the most compassionate and generous people.

I respect our naturalized citizens who value our country enough to come here legally more than I do some other citizens who take it for granted. My beef is not with any racial or ethnic group. I don't care if you're white, Canadian, black, brown, yellow or plaid. If you're one of the 7.7 million people who are now illegally holding American jobs while 14 million unemployed Americans are desperately seeking them, that's wrong.

SB81 doesn't even affect private businesses that still hire illegal aliens; only taxpayer-funded jobs. Where is the compassion for the American people?

Valerie Walker, Sandy

Waylaying SB81

Public Forum Letter, DNews    Updated: 06/25/2009 05:15:33 PM MDT

It is interesting that attorneys who oppose Senate Bill 81 waited until 10 days before implementation of the immigration bill, which has already been delayed a year, to attempt further delaying action. Was the date a surprise?

Even more interesting is their challenging "the legality of forcing only companies that contract with public agencies to use the federal E-Verify system while private businesses do not" ("Lawsuit looms over SB81," Tribune , June 22).

There is an easy solution to that -- pass a law soon to require all businesses to use E-Verify. Now, that actually might remove some illegal immigrants from the state.

Robert Wren, Heber