UFIRE 2011 Ratings

The Annual UFIRE ratings for the 2011 legislative session found legislators generally lacking in an understanding of the solution to illegal immigration (Attrition through Enforcement), or persuaded by pseudo-compassion arguments, or simply unable to take seriously their Constitutional oaths and the concept of the Rule of Law

As an average, both legislative bodies as a whole were rated “D”

Senators with “A” ratings:

Margaret Dayton,     Steve Urquhart,      David Hinkins,     Daniel Thatcher

Representatives, taking an extra effort in for enforcement, rated “A+”

Steve Sandstrom,         Chris Herrod,         Carl Wimmer

Gov. Herbert rates a solid “D” for failing to veto HB 116, but attained some credit by signing HB 497

2011 UFIRE Senate Final

Senate Votes:

SB 138 originally proposed eliminating the illegal alien Driver Privilege Card. Additional credit was given for the proponents of repeal.  Various amendments added a requirement for fingerprinting, which also received a minor voting credit. UFIRE supported REPEAL of the DPC

HB 116 has to be the WORST illegal immigration bill ever even considered. Opponents correctly called it AMNESTY, at best it could be called sale of Utah residency or simply legalize the illegal.

With considerable support from the media, Salt Lake Chamber, the Sutherland Institute and various religious organizations, many legislators bowed to pseudo compassion and cheap labor arguments and influence from foreign governments.   With approval required from a federal waiver and a unilateral implementation date in two years, this program is ripe for repeal.  www.repeal116.com  UFIRE supported a NO vote

Rep. Sandstrom's HB 70 Enforcement bill was vilified, misinterpreted and generally denigrated by many of the same proponents of amnesty.   The bill was replaced HB 497 for cosmetic reasons.  Yes was the appropriate vote.

HB 253 Rep. Herrod's Everify bill with enforcement.  Regrettably, it was held in a Senate Committee and thereby died without further consideration.   

SB 238 Sen. Hinkins bill on Everify enforcement sailed through the Senate, but was never heard in the House.

2011 UFIRE Rep Final

House Votes:

HB 70, HB 497 See above Yes was the appropriate vote.

HB 116 and substitutes: The House had several opportunities to get this one right and failed. NO, NO, NO

HB 191 Rep Wimmer A house committee led in the right direction, with a 2 to 1 vote, for repealing Instate Tuition (in compliance with federal law); a substitute at least added a requirement for proof of Utah tax filing. The Senate again refused to act, amidst all of the back room machinations, in attempting a convoluted and ill-conceived “comprehensive” plan.

HB 253 The House led again in attempting to return jobs to LEGAL Utahns by enforcing the use of Everify with potential penalties against wayward employers, rather than also giving them amnesty via HB 116

The ratings were determined from a weighted average of several votes on the floor and in committees,

with an adjustment for various supportive actions.