UFIRE 2010 Legislative Ratings

UFIRE ratings for 2010 are based on a limited number of available votes with some subjective adjustment for various action, statements, vocal support/opposition to the bills during committee and/or floor debate and general acceptance and leadership toward correcting the illegal alien problem.  Primarily three bills were used, SB 251, HB 227 and SB 272  

UFIRE 2010 Senate Ratings

SB 251 required all Utah businesses with over 15 employees to use Everify.

HB 227 would have required applicants for Business License to present proof of legal residency. It passed narrowly in the House and died on the Senate floor without a vote.

SB 272 was rather a stealth bill that  allowed UTA an exemption from requirements of SB 81. 

Utah House

UFIRE 2010 House