The Negative Aspects of Multiculturalism

The Negative Aspects of Multiculturalism

©   By Russell Sias

In the United States, the issue of multiculturalism has been largely ignored.  At the very least, it has either been inappropriately represented or misunderstood for years, perhaps both.  As citizens, we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that diversity is a good thing for those within (and without) our country.  In some instances, encouraging diversity is a correct and appropriate position for the citizens of our country to adopt, in others, it is not.

Where multiculturalism causes a division within the country it is detrimental.  Division is created when a specific group refuses to speak the commonly accepted language and resists becoming part of the culture by refusing, for example, to recognize the same holidays and demanding recognition of their own.  These and similar practices cause community isolationism, narrowly define markets by cultural or geographic areas, or otherwise separate people into many distinct groups.  Such multiculturalism will be devastating to any country because it boldly stands as an obstacle in the way of developing or sustaining common goals and national bonds.

Knowing a second language is one thing.  Teaching our children the culture of our grandparents is a worthwhile endeavor.  However, forcing one’s culture on a section of our society and isolating that segment from the general population is quite another.  It is absolutely necessary that we recognize the hazards that we bring upon ourselves when we allow multiculturalism to dominate our communities or overwhelm our nation.  Do we want to live in a country where, when we travel from one community to another, we need to speak different languages, where some communities are likely to be resentful of “outsiders,” where cultures do not mix, are not shared, and where people have nothing in common?  Do we want to allow multiculturalism to segregate our country and then wonder if it will literally come apart as the Soviet Union has done?  If the answer to these questions is no, then we must address the many issues caused by our present attitude towards multiculturalism.

There are fundamental characteristics that differentiate one country from another.  Certain characteristics define our country as a distinct group of unique people, determine our national individuality, and establish our very identity within the world community.   Left unchecked, multiculturalism will ultimately lead to a loss of the very culture that defines our country as a separate and distinct entity from other nations of the world.  Multiculturalism is a quiet invasion that allows a takeover by a foreign power, just as surely as if we were taken over by violence and force.

Successive waves of immigrants have made our country what it is today.   It is fitting that we encourage legal immigration within the bounds established by our laws.  Immigration laws set limits that allow for assimilation of the newly immigrated population.  Without these laws there will be a general fracture in our society and we will cease to be a united country.  In the first 150 years of this country’s existence, immigrants came with a desire to become Americans and to support America.  Today under the guise of multiculturalism, many immigrants come with far different goals.

During the 2004 Utah legislature a group of Hispanics watched as it became apparent that a bill addressing immigration issues would not be brought to the floor for discussion.  In support of Mexican immigrants, a group gathered in the rotunda of the capitol building and chanted “Viva Mexico” for several minutes.  These people clearly have missed out on the opportunity to be true Americans.  They do not know the importance of joining with other Americans to be patriots within this great country.  They have yet to understand the necessary lessons our immigrant forefathers learned as they strove to become an integral part of these United States.

One of the results of multiculturalism is that modern day immigrants are attempting to bring their culture and ways into this country.  Hence, they have yet to transfer their allegiance to America, their new home.  They deprive themselves of the very essence of what it means to be an American.  Those who strive to impose their culture and their ways upon their new neighbors deprive themselves of many of the benefits they seek by immigrating.

Immigrants coming to the United States normally come from less prosperous nations. This is, after all, a major reason for their move in the first place.  No one disrupts their family or contemplates a significant life style change without good cause.  People migrate from other countries because first they are dissatisfied with their present situation and they believe that the new location will be a better environment in which to raise their family.  They hope to have a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
Unfortunately multiculturalism often supports, within the new culture, many of the very negative cultural characteristics which immigrants are attempting to flee.  Immigrants recognize that the country they have deserted is less able to serve them, which is why they are striking out to better themselves, but via multiculturalism, they blindly insist on perpetuating many of the problems that caused them to leave in the first place.  The immigrants who bring their failed cultures with them may restructure their new environment to be identical to the one that failed them and from which they are attempting to flee.

Abraham Lincoln said: A nation divided cannot stand.  Insofar as multiculturalism divides our nation, our country is weakened.  Today we see the insidious signs of multiculturalism everywhere.  Unless we want a fractured and divided country where different languages are spoken, where anarchy reigns supreme, where people are pitted against anyone from a different segment of the population, where we cannot feel free or safe to come and go to other parts of the country or even to parts of our own towns, then we must recognize the dangers of multiculturalism and make the necessary changes.  Either we do this, or we will continue down the path to more and more separate and individual societies, instead of building a single and solid, united American society.
Our community leaders, whether mayors, city council members, state legislators, congress, yes, even the President, must look at each and every proposed ordinance, code, and law, to ascertain that it does not promote multiculturalism.  Furthermore, we must begin to strike down those codes and laws that presently encourage the negative aspects of multiculturalism which will weaken, and could ultimately destroy, this great country.

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