UFIREtalk radio is a weekly internet radio program on thursday at 8:30 PM featuring commentary, discussion and guest on all things pertinent to the Illegal Alien problem, particularly in Utah.  

It is found on the internet UFIRE BlogTalk Radio and can also be listened to by phone at  (347) 327-9670.  Phone callers can join the discussion by pressing "1" on their phone. 
All programs are available as podcast at the same website.   The first program was October 2008.
Website registration is required to participate in the chat room, but guest are welcome to join by simply clicking on the program.

Illegal Alien radio shows

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Listeners favorites:

2/17/2010  UFIRE Talk Radio
Discussion on Utah legislation HB 227, Licensing Eligibility, which failed in the Utah House. Comments on visas by retired ICE agent, David Ward. Second half: (Utah)GOP candidate, US Senate, MIKE LEE with his comments on the illegal alien problem.

1/7/2010 UFIRE Talk Radio
David Ward, Retired Utah ICE Agent, will be our guest this evening. We will discuss general immigration problems, the recent shooting in Fillmore by the criminal, oft-deported, drug dealing illegal alien, Apathy in the government and the citizenry on the illegal immigration issue.

UFIRE Talk Radio
AMNESTY proposal - HR 4321 Analysis - Attrition through Enforcement a better solution!!! Discussion with NYC resident concerned about crime if jobs taken away.

4/3/2009 UFIRE Talk Radio
Utah Rep. CHRIS HERROD joins the program to talk about the legislative session, compassion in immigration, illegal immigration in general and the need to have a law-abiding society. (And some answers to listeners.) An excellent overview on the subject !!!