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How To Watch The UFC 207 Live has had an incredible 2016 that saw records broken LKiarious fronts, and the advancement figures to close the year in the most grounded path conceivable, with a Pay-Per-View featured by the arrival of Ronda Rousey.Rousey, a standout amongst the most well known games figures on the planet.

Event: UFC 207- Nunes vs Rousey
Date: December 30, 2016
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
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will take the Octagon after over a year away at UFC 207 in December, however she's a long way from the main fascination on the end-of-the-year card. This is what the occasion looks like so far.Let the "Boisterous" response from the fans to the measure of late Ronda Rousey content proceed.Included above politeness of the authority UFC On FOX YouTube channel is the full Ronda Rousey "Warrior Code" video for her up and coming Octagon return.

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Rousey is booked to contend in a UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship session against current champion Amanda Nunes in her arrival session in the headliner of UFC 207.UFC 207: Nunes versus Rousey is booked to occur live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, December 30th.Rousey returns for her first UFC activity since November 2015 in a title battle against current champion Amanda Nunes. Rousey is a standout amongst the most overwhelming champions in UFC history and plans to come back to frame in the headliner of UFC 207.Garbrandt has spent the most recent six months attempting to get Cruz to acknowledge a battle against him. Amid that time, "No Love" KO'd then-undefeated adversary Thomas Almeida and bantamweight veteran Takeya Mizugaki, making his requires a title shot that much louder. Cruz won the belt back in January against TJ Dillashaw before finishing his set of three with Urijah Faber. He'll now hope to crush a crisp face in his third title barrier of his present keep running as UFC champion.In a standout amongst the most stunning surprises of 2015 UFC 207 Live PPV  Fabricio Werdum submitted Cain Velasquez at UFC 188 to wind up distinctly the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion. That was over a year back, nonetheless, and from that point forward Werdum lost the belt to Stipe Miocic yet earned a win against Travis Browne. Velasquez additionally vanquished Browne in his last trip at UFC 200, setting up a rematch with the main man to submit him in his expert profession. The champ of this battle will probably proceed onward and challenge Miocic for the title, so a lot is on the line here.The declaration of Rousey's title session was met with blended reactions, with numerous MMA fans asserted the way of her misfortune to Holm didn't warrant a prompt shot at the belt.White wholeheartedly can't help contradicting that idea and trusts the UFC metal have made the privilege call.When squeezed assist on the feedback the advancement got from a few fans, he included: "It's a unique little something you can never win with individuals at any rate.So she doesn't should battle for the title however in the event that we brought her back against another person goodness they're attempting to give her a simple win, they're attempting to construct her!' and various stuff.

Ronda Rousey is back. The previous ladies' bantamweight champion will get her first split at the belt since losing in November 2015 when she confronts Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in December. The previous champ is set to return following a 13-month cutback. Here are five things to think about Rousey's return.It is awesome that she is at last returning after such a long break. I'm cheerful she could set aside opportunity to mend accurately and didn't surge back in quickly in the wake of misery the TKO misfortune to Holly Holm. Presently, she will be in the correct headspace and physical shape to come back to crest execution correctly.There have been indications and whispers of this being the last battle for Rousey on the off chance that she is unsuccessful against Nunes. I can't see that event. Too often have contenders stuck around long after their prime just to continue battling.

Presently, if Rousey loses this battle by choice in some way or another - she has just been similarly as the third round once in her 14 battles - I think she would return for another shot to check whether she has the ability to at present thump individuals out.Be that as it may, in the event that she loses in a similar manner she did against Holm, then that may be a UFC 207 wrap. The issue is, it's so difficult to imagine that sort of beatdown incident again.Amanda Nunes appears to know the correct approach to monetarily exploit her time as champion — sit tight for Ronda Rousey. The UFC ladies' bantamweight belt holder told Brazilian site Combate that her first title safeguard battle must be against the previous champion. "On the off chance that they ask me who I need to battle, will state I need to battle Ronda," Nunes told Combate. "I'm not running from anybody, I'm the champion and I can pick who will battle. 

I will pick what's best for me, and Ronda would be "the" fundamental battle." Rousey has yet to make a declaration on when she will come back to the octagon, however her rebound ostensibly is the most-foreseen occasion for UFC fans. Furthermore, it shows up Nunes knows a battle against Rousey would be a money cow. Additionally, it's imperative to note that the bantamweight title has changed hands three circumstances in the course of the most recent year. On the off chance that Nunes goes up against a battle against a lesser-known contender like Julianna Pena or Valentina Shevchenko and loses, she won't not have the same money related open doors not far off. Nunes is relied upon to battle at UFC 207, almost six months after she won the bantamweight belt at UFC 200. Miesha Tate, who just held up four months to guard her belt, was disparaging of Nunes' lethargy on The MMA Hour, however comprehended the monetary profits connected with a confrontation with Rousey. 

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I think, my own conclusion, as the champion you don't sit tight for individuals, you venture up when you ought to," Tate said. "Be that as it may, it's her decision, it's her life, and she's most likely being encouraged to hold up. What's more, I can't accuse the young lady. It will be a major battle. Monetarily, profession astute, it presumably bodes well from a political side to hold up." And it gives the idea that is precisely what Nunes is attempting to do.Session of Thrones has a LOT of characters, and not every one of them are going to make it to the end. Here's who we think will at any rate get past Season 7 alive.Most recent from FanSidedI definitely realized that. Didn't everybody definitely realize that? I don't know why everybody's so shocked by it genuinely," Tate said. "It's sort of like we definitely realized that before she battled Holly Holm. So it's nothing unexpected to me. I as of now kinda knew this would be one of her last ones, if not conceivably her last one in the event that she doesn't win it. It could be her last one."

The competition amongst Rousey and Tate about-faces to their days in Strikeforce where Rousey crushed Tate by accommodation to win the ladies' bantamweight title. The two ladies later battled for the UFC ladies' bantamweight title, which Rousey held, at UFC 207 Live Fight 168 subsequent to being mentors on "The Ultimate Fighter Season 18″ and Rousey was triumphant once more.After Rousey lost the title to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Tate crushed Holm at UFC 196 to pick up the title she was not able win when Rousey was champion. At UFC 200, Tate lost the belt to Amanda Nunes who will now guard the title against Rousey at UFC 207.On account of a set of three battle, Tate went ahead to tell TMZ that she trusts she can get one more battle with Rousey before time runs out.I truly might want another split at her however I don't need an indifferent variant of Ronda in any case so I trust she returns solid and I trust it's not all that quite a bit of a race with time as the opponent. I unquestionably might want to face her later on."

The contention between these two previous ladies' bantamweight champions is not leaving at any point in the near future, and Miesha Tate is trusting that Ronda Rousey doesn't leave at any point in the near future, since she'd like one more battle before she goes.Tate will battle Raquel Pennington at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden on November 19.The long-standing contention between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey will dependably be a piece of ladies' bantamweight history, yet Tate doesn't consider with her most recent conviction. Tate addressed TMZ about her opponent and previous ladies' bantamweight champion Rousey, Tate saying she trusts that if Rousey does not win at UFC 207 Live Stream she will resign.Tate said she definitely realized that Rousey's UFC profession could arrive at an end, something Rousey suggested amid her appearance on "The Ellen Show" a week ago.