UF                                                   Department of Geological Sciences

I am a carbonate geochemist and sedimentologist with interests in research questions pertaining to paleoclimate and paleoceanography.  My current focus is on sea level reconstruction over glacial-interglacial timescales with an emphasis on establishing the behavior of sea level and ice sheets during interglacial periods to better inform us about future sea-level rise. 

Current Research Projects & Field Sites

Seychelles:  Establishing far-field benchmarks for sea level during the last interglacial period

Bahamas: Exploring gradients in relative sea level to constrain continental ice sheet volume during glacial maxima

Italy: Rates and magnitudes of sea level and climate change into and out of the penultimate interglacial

Jamaica:  Constraining rates and timing of sea level oscillations

Global:  Data compilation of coral U-Th dates and elevation for the LIG period; Glacio-hydro-isostatic modeling of LIG sea levels

U-series Cyberinfrastructure: Developing online data archives and software to process and visualize data.  See project summary here.

Current Graduate Students

Peter Chutcharavan (PhD)

Alexandra Skrivanek (PhD)

Karen Vyverberg (PhD) 

Former Graduate Students

Jin Li (MSc, 2014)

Kiernan Folz-Donahue (MSc, 2014)

Links to affiliated groups & projects

PALSEA2            UF WIGF 2013          Climate of the Past     QUIGS

CONTACT: adutton @ ufl.edu
Follow me on Twitter: @DrAndreaDutton