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Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning - University of Lisbon





Lisbon, 20 - 21 April 2017


Call for Papers


The II International Conference on Urban e-Planning organized by the 'International Journal of E-Planning Research' and by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning – University of Lisbon, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 20-21 April 2017.


With the development and widespread use of new digital tools, a whole range of new possibilities, challenges and opportunities emerged in the field of Urban and Regional Planning. Following the successful first Conference in 2016, we aim to provide again, in the 2017 Conference, a forum for the critical discussion of new perspectives, approaches, methods, and tools in the field of Urban e-Planning.


We welcome proposals for papers on any aspect of the broad area of Urban e-Planning. Papers might address, but are not limited to, the following themes and topics:


 Theme 1: The Governance and Planning of Smart Cities


        • Smart City: what does it mean across various uses and how do we measure and compare

        • The political economy of Smart Cities

        • The Smart City narrative in the Global South context: towards an African interpretation of Smart Cities

        • Smart City concepts for vulnerable people

        • Smart Urban Planning

        • Digital inequality and how it affects smart cities

        • Smart City implementation challenges

        • Sociotechnical systems and innovative public services


 Theme 2: Citizens e-Participation & Community Engagement


        • Web based citizen e-participation in Urban e-Planning

        • Crowdsourcing in Urban e-Planning

        • Volunteered Geographic Information in Urban e-Planning

        • Citizens as voluntary sensors in Urban e-Planning

        • Citizen Apps in Urban e-Planning

        • Participatory mapping and public engagement in emergency response

        • Volunteered Geographic Information for disaster management

        • Spatialization of user-generated content in Urban e-Planning

        • PPGIS in urban planning for community empowerment and transformation

        • Urban data visualization and public participation in Urban e-Planning

        • Citizen Science in Urban e-Planning

        • Mobile applications and sensors for Urban e-Planning

        • Smart participation in urban e-Planning

        • Games and idea generation in participatory Urban e-Planning


 Theme 3:  Collaborative Urban Planning: sharing, hactivism and social criticism


       • The rise of the digital media platform society and bottom-up Urban e-Planning

       • Planning for digital solidarity: the challenge of the sharing economy
       • Urban hactivism and pop-up planning
       • The role of social media in urban planning and design

       • Planning coordination with interactive mapping and scenario development

       • Planning 3.0: planning and the increasing systemic intelligence


 Theme 4:  The inter-relatedness of real and virtual in Urban e-Planning:

                      Big Data, GIS, IoT, Augmented Reality, and other technology trends in Urban e-Planning


       • Virtual reality environments and the perception of the city

       • Virtual environments with soundscapes

       • Geodesign and the planning of natural and built environments

       • Network technologies, infrastructures and the built environment

       • Spatial Big Data and Data Mining in Urban e-Planning: sensing the city

       • Spatial Open Data: how is this evolving across cities? what do we know about how it is being used? how it

          matters? how it responds to needs?

       • Surveillance and security in the e-City

       • Digital transparency and Web 2.0 in Urban e-Planning   

       • Privacy in Urban e-Planning



Participation in the Conference & Selection criteria


•Participation in the conference requires the presentation of a paper (oral presentation: 15-20 min.)

• The conference is organized in panels according to issues. Each panel has 5 or 6 papers.

•The working language of the conference will be English

•All submissions will be double-blind peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee for content and appropriateness to this conference





• Please submit an abstract, of no more than 250 words, until 15 January 2017, to:

     Carlos Nunes Silva

     Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning

     University of Lisbon




• Download Abstract form (Word file) -->

• Contact us to discuss any ideas that you might have for a paper on these or on other related issues

• Successful applicants will be informed by 31 January 2017.






• A selection of the papers presented at the II International Conference on 'Urban e-Planning' will be considered for publication in the 'International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR)'. The selected papers will undergo the IJEPR standard double-blind peer-review process. Its publication is planned to occur at the end of 2017 or early 2018.


• The publication in the 'International Journal of E-Planning Research' of a selection of the papers presented in the first conference (2016 IJEPR Conference) is currently scheduled to occur at the end of 2016 and in early 2017.


• In the 2017 conference other publication formats will also be considered. More information on this will be given during the conference.





• The 2017 Conference is an opportunity for networking. A special session, to be included in the program, is being considered. The aim is to provide a forum for the presentation of open calls for future collaboration and/or for informal contacts among members of the 'Urban E-Planning Research Network' (UEP-NET).




Registration & Fee


• Conference fee: 100 Euros (includes participation in the conference, program and abstracts in digital format & coffee-breaks)


• Registration and payment: 17 February - 4 March 2017


• Information about the registration procedure: 17 February 2017.



Important dates


• Submission deadline for abstracts: 15 January 2017


• Notification of abstract acceptance: 31 January 2017


• Registration and payment: 17 February - 4 March 2017


• PowerPoint presentation (PPT file): during the conference


• Full paper for publication: date to be announced during the conference




Conference Convenor & Organization  


Carlos Nunes Silva


  Editor-in-chief of the 'International Journal of E-Planning Research' (IJEPR)

  Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning

  University of Lisbon

  Lisbon, Portugal

  E-mail: cs [at]


  Conference e-mail:   



Conference venue


  Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning

  University of Lisbon

  Cidade Universitária (University of Lisbon main Campus)

  Edifício IGOT

  Rua Branca Edmée Marques

  Lisbon, Portugal



Further information available in the Conference website


•  All inquiries, expressions of interests, and abstracts should be sent, by e-mail, to:


             Carlos Nunes Silva

             Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning

             University of Lisbon







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